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> Daily spoiler: Tuesday November 24th
post Nov 25 2009, 10:43 AM
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I don't have my computer, so had to type this out on my phone. As such, it'll be condensed and rife with typos (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

At the Baldwin gathering, the Bardwells offer caviar and champagne (which Eden turns her nose up, with all those starving and all). When Jana arrives, it's announced that Kevin refused to come (without Ryder).

At CL's, Kevin knows what it's like to spend Thanksgiving alone, eatin Mac n cheese. Did someone say my name? Mac appears (giving Kevin something to be thankful for - her break up with Billy)

At Indigo, Lily informs Billy that they're getting food out to the homeless and 'home bound' - and is pleasantly surprised that he's there to help.

When the Romalotti's arrive at the tackhouse, Vikki offers congratulations (while Phyllis isn't so sure Daniel's made an 'honest woman' out of Amber. Noah can't believe she married the 'slacker' - guess love IS blind. Nick and JT then return - with turkey sandwiches from the deli.

Just you and me Kiddo, Ashley cradles her baby. Thinking of the wonderful Thanksgivings with her, Dad, Ashley gets an idea to make this one equally special.

Also moping about Thanksgivings past, the lonely Jack talks aloud to his dead father, and thinking too of Colleen, leaves the dinner table like a man with a plan.

After chocolate ice cream, Adam declares this the 'perfect' Thanksgiving - turkey, schmurkey. Sharon jokes about him feeding Fisher on the sly, and accepts Adam's offer to do the dishes.

At CL's, Lauren insists on inviting Ryder for dinner. And as Kevin insists he won't be imposing, Daisy comes over to say she couldn't afford to fly home. Having plenty of food, Lauren invites her also. Eden would love to see her, she's sure.

On speaker phone, the gang at the tackhouse wish Victor and Nikki a happy Thanksgiving. Phyllis then makes a toast; it's been a tough year but they have much to be thankful for ~clink~

As Lily and Billy pout about Colleen, Ashley arrives to help at Indigo. And by the time Mac delivers pies, Lily has Faith in her arms. Returning with the carseat, Billy's the only one not smiling.

When Ryder arrives at the Baldwins with Kevin, Glo hisses 'that boy's creepy'. You have a lovely home, Daisy hovers awkwardly. As introductions are made, Eden makes it clear she's no Daisy fan. Daniel arrives with Amber; Oh yeah - Gwen Stefani. Questioning Ryder's presence, Danile's reminded 'he's family'. And as Mike's toast encourages all to put aside their differences, Lauren orders them to 'play nice'

As the boys watch football, Vikki chats with Phyllis in the kitchen. Knowing that Nick's mourning the loss of Sharon's baby, she encourages Phyllis to put the whole 'cheating' thing aside. If Nick can't talk to HER, he may turn to someone else - and you don't want that.

Thoroughly enjoying her Thanksgiving, Sharon continues to be snowed by Adam. Hope was a remarkable woman - and she raised a remarkable son. And not just because he does dishes either.

Busy bees Ashley and Billy are surprised when Jack shows up. Leave it to Dad and Colleen to bring them all together. Meanwhile, an apologetic Lily assure Mac that if she dies, Mac's off the hook. Thrilled that Mac's still onboard, Lily announces that she and Cane will soon have a baby. Mac's started her shots - the embryo's will be implanted next week. Again, Billy's the only one not smiling.

Neil thanks the exiting Abbott's (even if he can't pry Maime's mash potato recipe outta Ashley). Running out of dinner rolls, Jack makes a call to the person responsible, Phyllis. Oh crap - she forgot - they're in Her car trunk. And as JT offers to deliver them, Phyllis quietly asks a favour of Jack. Aside, Nick asks Vikki how things are going. She's proud of JT, and it's a great opportunity - but no, she's not thrilled at being the 'little woman'. With JT off delivering rolls, Vikki decides it's time to take Reed home (which leaves Phyllis to inform THEY have somewhere to go too. There's something Nick needs to do)

Mac greets JT warmly - he looks so 'dapper'. And as Jack offers to deliver the rolls to the shelter, Cane also shakes JT's hand. He calls Vikki to inform he's staying to help out - then hears Mac chiding the Ashby's for hovering over her (will they do so for the entire pregnancy?) Huh? Hearing Mac's role as surrogate, he thinks it just great.

Back at the Baldwin's, Eden snarls when Daisy offers to get Noah some pie. Fortunately, he's stuffed. Also stuffed, Kevin's pie is fed to him by Jana. And as the girls head to the kitchen, Noah jokes about Phyllis' crayon stuffed turkey. Nice family, Ryder opines to Kevin. He'd like to get to know them better. Aside, Daniel grills Mike on his case. Why did Ryder sit in jail for months if he had an alibi? Who's this mysterious passenger (in the red light photo)? What's the kid hiding? Alas, Mike's equally stumped.

Again bringing up the kiss, Adam hopes he didn't blow his friendship with Sharon. It's not like he has many to spare. Also low on friends (as they keep dying), Sharon again insists that she was just surprised is all - the kiss was 'nice'. Let's take it slow and see where things lead.

Nick's not sure coming to the Abbott cabin's a good idea. Jack didn't mind, he told Phyllis where to find the spare key. Yeah, but this is where Nick and Sharon conceived a baby. Sending Summer to draw a picture, Phyllis tells Nick he needn't hide his grief. It's OK to remember the baby. She no longer feels threatened by 'this'.

Nudged to invite Daisy to the movies with them (by Noah), Eden quickly accepts her 'no thanks' to 'tagging along', and bolts. After the Bardwell's also exit, Mike reports that Lauren's cleaning caramel sauce off Fen. Oh please! He groans when Daniel suggests taking some home *wink, wink*. All smiles vanish when a delivery for Daniel turns out NOT to be dessert - it's a subpeona to appear before the grand jury!

All left applaud. Indigo's kitchen is officially closed. Neil thanks everyone for their hard work - and his backers (the Chancellor's, Newman's and Abbott's). Leaving with a large bag, Jack says thanks for the food for his 'friend'. With JT encouraged to stay, Neil leads the prayer - and all hold hands as he speaks of those less fortunate, the troops, family (including his son in law), those no longer there but forever in their hearts; Dru, Colleen and her Dad. May we continue to be blessed. Amen.

As Billy bounces Delia on his knee, Vikki enters the CL's patio - and needles him about not being with family on Thanksgiving. JT's volunteering at Indigo? Funny, Billy didn't see him there. But as Reed asks to play with Delia, Vikki's glare softens - as she watches Billy enthusiastically playing peekaboo with the two kids.

Amber's pissed that someone was mean enough to serve Daniel on Thanksgiving. That sucks dude, Kevin adds. And as all discuss Daniel again being suspected of murder, Ryder quietly frets to Daisy - what if they find out she's the person in the Red light photo? They won't, Daisy assures - but we gotta be careful.

About to leave Sharon's, Adam kisses her at the front door. On the other side of the glass, Jack stands with his take out (and he's not looking very thankful).

Still at the cabin, Summer's parents admire her lame drawing. Sure, Phyllis will take Summer outside - it'll give Daddy some alone time (or time to think about the day he and Sharon scattered the baby's ashes). Speaking of ashes, here's Ashley. And Nick can't take his eyes off the baby in her arms.

Next: Special encore (or repeat) of Mike and Lauren's wedding. A much younger (and sweeter) Abby tells Victor that she's to be a flower girl ... Pa gives JT a photo - search every inch of this place for Tom Fisher... Mike's an anxious groom - wishing the ceremony would start already. It will soon - and nothing will go wrong, Kevin foolishly jinxes it .... In a dark wig, evil nurse Sheila pokes her head out to cast her beady eyes around.

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