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> Thursday, September 2nd Spoiler
post Sep 2 2010, 05:30 PM
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OK - this will be somewhat abbreviated. And I missed a few minutes when having my blood pressure taken.

Sure Victor finds Vikki to be a nuisance - but after Adam and Abby, does he really wanna alienate a 3rd child? And over Billy? Meet Vikki half way, Nikki suggests (to no avail). Meanwhile, Billy's on bended knee. YES Vikki will marry him - and this time it's for keeps.

At Chloe's place , Malloy puts his pants back on - this mistake won't happen again. That good huh? Chloe mopes.

Across the hall, Chance is reaming out Heather. Protecting him? Keeping him safe? If she gave a damn, she wouldn't have sold him out to 'that jerk' *slam*

Back at the ranch, Victor continues to grumble about the SOB who's humiliated Vikki and the family - while Nikki pulls out the childhood photos. Vikki may be making a mistake - but don't turn your back on her. Meanwhile, Vikki admires the ring on her finger. Should they elope? Wed at the arcade? Go traditional? So, you pregnant? Vikki forgot to check - let's go!

At CL's, Paul assures Nina that the aged photo should be arriving soon. But - it's not an exact science - and they may never find Aiden.

Chloe continues to pout - was it that terrible? Will Malloy NEVER get involved? He's leaving when the investigation's over? What about Nina and Chance? Saved by Kevin's arrival, Malloy bolts (leaving Chloe to weep all over Kevin - what's wrong with me?)

Visiting Heather, Paul (the clever PI) just knows she's been crying. Boo hoo - Heather lost her job, now Chance. She's tempted to expose Malloy.

Over beers, Chloe whines about getting dumped yet again. Yeah, well Kevin finds Chloe amazing, funny and beautiful - dont't waste time on Malloy ya hear?

At CL's, Nina snarls at Malloy (who's days are numbered - thanks to Chance) - who then arrives to confront Malloy.

While Vikki and Billy are excited to see if they're pregnant, Nikki continues to work on Victor (with more photos) - Vikki's happy with Billy (who Victor thinks a player - just like Jack) - push too hard and Victor may never get her back. Back to the pee stick - Vikki's thrilled; Billy's excited - but it was left out too long (so could be a false positive).

Chloe's head in his lap, Kevin doesn't care that Malloy's lonely. In fact, he doesn't care about Malloy OR Chance (as long as Chloe's OK). Awww - Chloe hugs her 'really great pal' (while Kevin looks like he wants more)

Paul doesn't like the idea of Heather confiding in Owen at ALL - leave it to the Feds. Heather wants to keep Chance safe - and yeah - she IS in love with Nina's son).

Back at CL's, Chance gloats. You walked right into my trap - guns drawn. Malloy and Meeks are both dirty as hell. Huh? Malloy just attended a call out - with back up. Leave town, he orders. Nothing Malloy can say will make Chance leave town. Oh yeah? I just slept with your ex!

When Nina breaks up the boys, Malloy leaves with one last sneer - enjoy your evening. And after Chance scurries off, Meeks informs Malloy that Chance has got to go (as per the guy at the top). Yeah? Well, maybe it's time Malloy met the guy at the top.

And while Heather whines to Paul (about the sacrifices she's made to keep Malloy's secret), Chance goes to confront Chloe. After Kevin's sent off to fetch Delia, Chloe's scolded for sleeping with a thug - and WHAT 'things' does Chloe know about Malloy (that Chance doesn't).

Waiting for the results of another pregnancy test, Billy and Vikki both hope it's positive. If they aren't pregnant with a little hellion, they'll just keep trying *kiss*

As Victor continues to mope over childhood photos of Vikki, he worries that Billy will ruin her life. Even more reason to stay close, Nikki responds. Our baby adores her father - please don't let her go.

Delia in his arms, Kevin picks up some treats to cheer Mommy up (while Chance finally gets Chloe to spill the beans on Malloy - he's your brother). On the patio, Paul slides the laptop in front of an anxious Nina. Here's the email you've been waiting for. Both look stunned by the image in front of them.

Heather calls to leave Owen a message - meet me at your office. There's something you need to know. Meanwhile, Malloy's with Meeks - and stunned to find 'the top guy' is Owen. That's good - means the DA's been convincing as a good guy. Malloy recovers (to say that killing Chance is too messy - too sloppy). Handing Malloy a gun with no serial, Owen thinks it time he prove what side he's on - and has til tomorrow night to do so. No problem, Malloy grabs the gun - guy's nothing to me.

As a stammering Billy welcomes the Newman's into their new home, Vikki bounces down the stairs. I'm pregnantt, she beams (much to Nikki and Victor's shock).

Next: By tomorrow night Malloy will prove what side he's on - Chance will be gone.... Vikki and Nikki look stunned - as Vikki can't wait to become Mrs Billy Abbott ... Jack stuns Ashley - Your daughter is on to something. Victor may have mismanaged her trust.
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