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> Wednesday September 1st Spoiler, Much thanks to annm
post Sep 3 2010, 04:01 PM
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Thanks sooo much to annm.

I didn't watch all of it but here goes

Jack arranged for Vance Abrams to be Abby's lawyer. Victor sees Vance with Abby at Gloworm and wants to know what he is doing with his daughter. Abby lies and says that Vance was hitting on her. Victor quizzes her about her conversation with Ashley about going back to school and he wonders when she is planning to do this since the semester has already started. Abby lies again and says she has some time still to register. Victor it seems realizes that she is pulling a fast one and warns her never to cross him again. Later Victor is served by Vance. Abby is suing him for her inheritance and this time according to what Victor tells Ashley, it it far more serious than the last lawsuit. Ahsley is shocked that Abby hired Vance.

Billy goes drinking at Jimmies. He is drunk blabbing to the bartender about his girl possibly being pregnant. Mac overhears and asks him if it is true and Victoria is pregnant. So he tells her yes, she might be. Mac grabs him by the arm and tells him he has to go home and deal with Victoria.

JT drops off Reed at Vikki's new place. No surprise the kid's been colouring again and has a picture for mommy. He's sent off to see his room which has all his stuff from the old place. JT wonders where Billy is and an uncomfortable Vikki assures him that Billy will be back. JT then lectures her on rushing into things with Billy, buying the house etc. Vikki tells him he should be happy that she is no longer at the ranch and under her father's thumb. She then tells him that he has moved on so that's what she is doing.

Victoria is at the park with Reed. Billy later shows up and sees her. Ghost John appears and talks to Billy about being a father and pretty much encourages him to not run away from his relationship with Victoria. Later Mac shows up to pick up Reed and after Victoria says goodbye to him she leaves to go home. Ghost John tells Billy to go after her. Later Billy goes home and proposes to Victoria.

Chloe goes to see Heather and confronts her about telling Ronan where Chance went. Chloe tells Heather if anything happens to Chance she will have to deal with her.

Ronan and Meeks are in the alley looking for Chance. They hear his voice telling someone who they believe to be the reporter he was meeting about the dirty cops. Meeks draws his weapon and tells Ronan that the boss is tired of Chance poking his nose where it is not wanted. However, it's not really Chance, but a recording of his voice from a CD player which he is operating by remote control from his car which is parked near the alley. He takes pictures on Meeks and Ronan in the alley and of course is convinced that Ronan is dirty.

Later he goes to Chloe's place and accuses her of spying on him for Ronan. He grabs her phone and sees that she's been calling Ronan. That leads him to believe that Chloe was the one who told Ronan where he was and yells at her for betraying him. He tells her that Ronan is dirty and that he saw him in the alley with his gun drawn ready to shoot him. Chloe calls him an @ss and tells him it was Heather. So he goes over to Heather's place and yells at her. She asks him if he ever thought that he could be wrong about Ronan and reminds him how much she cares about him but he tells her that she was the only person he trusted and goes on about trust in a relationship. Then he leaves.

Meeks and the rest of the dirty cops meet at Jimmies waiting for word from the boss on what to do about Chance. One of the other cops asks who will do the job (whack Chance) and Meeks said they have to wait to hear from the boss. Another cop asks if they can trust Ronan (who is not at the table at the time) and Meeks says only time will tell.

Later Ronan shows up at Chloe's apartment and Chloe gets under his skin by telling him he is afraid to get close to anyone and all he does is run away. She talks about Chance being his brother, Nina etc and he grabs her kisses her passionately, clothes start coming off and they hit the couch and then she really gets under his skin. biggrin.gif (Lucky her)

Ashley and Tucker convince JT to spy on Newman. Later JT tells Mac about it and she does not like the idea and reminds him about his principles and he said he only agreed to do it on his terms. (Honestly I was not paying much attention to that part, so sorry, that's all I remember). There were also some scenes with Tucker, Jack and Ashley regarding taking over Beauty of Nature. Tucker says it's time to move forward. Seems Tucker knows that Jack is using Abby to distract Victor by keeping him tied up with the lawsuit, but Ashley has no idea that Tucker knows what is going on with Abby or that Jack is up to it to his ears.
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