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> Monday, September 6, 2010 Spoiler
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Hi guys - sorry, it's long. What can I say, I'm detail oriented. Enjoy!

Jack arrives home to find Ashley on the couch with a headache. The only thing he can get her is the truth. Are you pulling the strings behind Abby’s lawsuit?

At Crimson Lights, Vance informs Abby that Victor has been served and he is not a happy man.

After announcing that they’re pregnant, Vikki states they’re happy and – oh yeah – Billy proposed a few minutes ago. With a hug, Nikki says that if it’s what she truly wants, then she is happy too. Billy prods Victor – three out or four ain’t bad, right Grandpa?

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nina and Paul stare at the age-enhanced photo – which doesn’t look anything like Ronan. Nina whines that she had expected to see a resemblance to her or Chance.

Ronan is my what?! Chance wonders if Chloe and Ronan are trying to mess with his head. It can’t be possible, more of his lies. Chloe explains how she found out and how Ronan was not happy about it and denied it until she threatened to go to Restless Style with the story. Chance stews.

In the alley, Meeks and Pomerantz tell Ronan he has 24 hours to shut Chancellor up for good. Ronan insists that Chance doesn’t mean anything to him, but since killing a cop is complicated he needs more than 24 hours. Pomerantz reminds Ronan that he needs to prove his trust but can make other arrangements. Not necessary – by tomorrow night, his ex-partner will be dead.

When Victor wonders if the pregnancy is why Vikki is wearing the ring, Billy points out that she was wearing the ring before they got the results. Victor tells Vikki that he’s going this to get back at him and doubts they love each other. Nikki tries to be the voice of reason. Billy says he’s inspired by Victor – why wait? Let’s get married tomorrow.

Paul brings Nina coffee as she stares at the photo on the screen. What does she do next? How does this help us? Paul points out that Nina needs to be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll do everything we can to find your son.

With Kevin taking Delia to Esther’s, Chloe and Chance can continue talking. Chance thinks it a ruse – maybe he read Nina’s book and wonders if that’s why he’s in Genoa City, to get back at them. He doesn’t believe it’s a huge coincidence and will end it all now.

Ronan breaks into Pomerantz’s office and with a flash light, scours the desk. He hides behind the door when Heather comes knocking and promptly grabs her with his hand over her mouth. What are you doing here, he demands? She’s had it with the secrets. She’s telling Pomerantz everything – he’s the only one she can trust.

Ronan points out that they don’t know who they can trust. What if Pomerantz is the wrong someone? Want another car bomb? They’re thisclose to blowing the case wide open but he can’t tell Heather anything more for her own safety. He tells her to trust him, go home and don’t say a word – his life depends on it. Give me 24 hours and this will all be over.

Chloe is glad she doesn’t have to keep this secret from Chance, who grinds his jaw. He insists she not tell anyone else, especially Nina. Chloe says that Nina will freak if she finds out that he knows, but Chance wants to find out Ronan’s game first. He storms off to a “family reunion”.

Abby wants to know what happens next. She doesn’t want Victor in trouble, she just wants to be treated like an adult. Vance says that you can’t have one without the other.

Ashley and Jack continue to argue over Jack’s involvement with Abby hiring Vance. Ashley informs Jack that now Victor is threatening to dismantle her trust – she could lose it completely. Jack wonders if it ever occurred to Ashley that Abby is onto something? Vance only takes cases he can win. If he thinks Abby has a legitimate complaint, maybe she does. Ashley spits about how the family being in such a mess all the time.

Vikki and Victor go at it. Billy announced that they tomorrow won’t work – they need a marriage certificate for five days first. Victor is pleased they’ll have a week to come to their senses. While Nikki and Victor argue about making amends, Victor storms off. Billy breaks the awkward moment – “Thanks for stopping by Dad! Always a pleasure to see you.” Nikki tries to defend Victor and suggests everyone chill out for tonight – while Victor’s hollering “let’s go!” in the background. Now alone, Vikki is okay. Billy wants to remember this day forever – a baby and Vikki putting up with him for the rest of our lives. He wants to do this – tomorrow in Vegas.

Back at the range, Nikki knows where Victor stands. He insists that there’s no need to compile all these mistakes and the child will be okay without them getting married. Nikki pleads with Victor but he needs to deal with the mess his other daughter made. No, he’ll never accept the marriage, not even for Nikki. They’re living proof that Newmans and Abbotts should never marry. He asks Nikki to help Vikki before she jumps headlone into another disaster. With a quick kiss, Victor leaves. Nikki sits and dials the phone.

Having booked their flights to Vegas, Vikki answers Nikki’s call. No not even Victor can upset Vikki right now. And guess what? We’re following in yours and Jack’s footsteps and are eloping in Vegas. Vikki knows it’s not conventional but has wanted another baby so bad. Nikki approves of Billy’s attitude but wants to help get everything arranged for them to get married at home in a week or two. Thanks but no thanks – it has to be tomorrow. Hanging up, Nikki makes another call to a woman named Marie. Mother to mother, I need a favour.

Heather encounters Pomerantz and Meeks as they get of the elevator. Heather stammers out an excuse as to why she wanted to meet (she had a few drinks and wanted to plead for her job). After escaping into the elevator, Meeks wonders if she’s on the level. Pomerantz hopes so, for her sake.

Ronan is unlocking his apartment door when Chance appears. Hello, brother.

Inside, Ronan says that yes, according to DNA they are brothers. But that’s not why he’s there. Chance attacks Ronan and Lyndsay’s heart rate increases a bit in excitement. Chance will get the truth even if he has to beat it out of him. Ronan gives – okay I’ll tell you everything.

Paul states that there are many tools to find people these days. Like the Internet and stuff? Nina asks. Is TV going too far? Heather’s arrival interrupts them. She’s glad to see them. Ronan made her question her plan to tell Pomerantz everything. He’s just so intense (and yummy) and Chance thinks he’s one of the bad guys. Nine pipes up that she trusts her son. Paul hustles them out for chamomile tea and calls Christine – things are getting pretty messed up here, how much do you really know about Ronan Malloy?

Vance tells Abby that the case may not go to court. They could counter sue on the grounds of defamation or harassment, but his guess is that they’ll settle. Abby smiles – she can live with a settlement.

Victor arrives to talk about the lawsuit but won’t discuss it in front of Jack. They have some verbal sparring. Victor’s confident that the lawsuit won’t amount to much but Abby will suffer the consequences for a long time. Despite Ashley’s insistence, it’s beyond the talking stage.

That’s it. The whole story. Now Chance knows as much as Ronan does. Ronan draws his gun when there’s a knock on the door but it’s just Chloe. He scolds her for telling Chance that they’re brothers.

Victor states that BOTH daughters will have to suffer the consequences of their actions – that’s why he came. Making himself at home, he explains that Billy and Vikki are now engaged and she’s pregnant. Shock follows... no he’s not joking. Ashley looks happy about a baby and a wedding but Jack insists that their brother has no business marrying HIS daughter. But the law is against them – they can’t get married for a week which gives us time to stop them. Ashley rolls her eyes.

Nikki calls Vikki again to tell her the good news – remember Judge Anderson? She called in a few favours and got the waiting period waved for Vikki and Billy. Get married tomorrow at home and then I can be there. Oh and anyone else you want to invite. Listening to Vikki’s end of the conversation, Billy looks skeptical. Vikki hangs up and announces – my mom just gave me the BEST news!

While Vance waits to hear from Michael to move forward, he wants Abby to start thinking about what happens if Victor doesn’t settle. He’ll go for the jugular but needs carte blanche. You either trust me or you don’t – how far are you willing to go if they don’t make an offer?

Victor gone, Ashley’s headache is worse. Why can’t our family have peace? What fun would that be? Jack responds. Look what this is doing to Abby – is this how you want Billy’s kids to grow up? All this tension constantly surrounding them?

It’s their lucky night – their plane tickets are cancelled WITHOUT cancellation fees! While Vikki frets about her to-do list, Billy suggests they just grab Reed and Delia and go to City Hall. Seeing that not going over well, Billy jokes that her heart was set on Elvis. No not Elvis, but not City Hall either. She wants to get married in their new home with their kids, family and friends. Billy interrupts Vikki’s call to her mother to start practicing for the honeymoon.

Back at the ranch, Victor demands to know why Nikki would HELP Victoria ruin her life? Nikki refuses to apologize for wanting to be present at her daughter’s wedding. Victor and Jack can commiserate together. Nikki storms upstairs and Victor makes a call – I hate to do this to my own daughter but it’s for her own good.

While Nina waits for her coffee, Heather and Paul get a minute to talk. He scolds her for going to tell Owen the truth. She didn’t go through with it – she looked her mentor in the eyes but could only hear Ronan’s voice. Paul assures that Christine vouches for Ronan 110%. Nina appears – what?? Why would she do that? Paul stammers and excuse and changes the subject – Chris wants a copy of the age-enhanced photo to help.

Ronan is only too pleased to see Chance and Chloe out. In the hallway, they debate Ronan’s intentions. Tomorrow night, Chance will make his move. All this ends – good, bad or otherwise.

Ronan’s on the phone with Pomerantz – it’s set up. Chance will be at the warehouse tomorrow and has no idea he’s walking into a trap. Meeks wonders if Ronan’s being straight. They’ll find out tomorrow night and if not, they’ll kill them both.

At Crimson Lights, JT remarks – so you and Billy are getting married now?? In the stables, Nick tells Phyllis that his relationship with Sharon is going to be a lot easier for her (Summer?) to understand than you running around town with some sleazy ex-con. Nikki is incredulous – How can you do this to your own family? Victor: Just watch me.

Okay seriously. I didn’t think it was possible to overuse a word or phrase since the reliquary but if I hear “blow this case wide open” one more time, I’m going to lose it... If Paul is clueless, it’s spreading. Nina sounded in awe of “the Internet and stuff” like she’s never heard of it before. You see Nina, the Internet is a series of tubes... aw forget it. It’s really just a tool for chain email, adult material, and soap opera enthusiasts. I actually liked Vance and Abby today. The scenes were short but their interaction was interesting. The “shark” is likely just using her as another high profile opportunity but he did treat her with the respect she’s been craving. Okay Victor and Nikki; I’m a huge fan and pleased to see them together. Even better is how they behave just like an old married couple. I could just picture Victor leaning on the horn shouting “let’s go!” And even the little kiss he gave her back at the ranch amidst their arguing. Billy, despite being quite a bit more boring with Vikki around, never ceases to entertain me with his barbs to Victor. But Vikki squeals and giggles like a school girl. It’s hard to take her seriously as a grown woman and supposedly professional businesswoman. How nice that Kevin is carting Delia around since Chloe obviously has so many more important things to do. Did he know he was signing up for that when Chloe and Delia moved in? I enjoyed Ashley’s interaction with Victor and Jack. While their egos were going head-to-head, she sat there and rolled her eyes in unison with the shows viewers.
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