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> 9.7.10 - Today's spoiler, from Tuesday's Canadian episode
post Sep 7 2010, 05:30 PM
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We begin with a narration (in italics) from Phylis, as she works on her "A Woman Scorned" blog. The narration includes references to The Brady Bunch, Alice, Lucy Show, Happy Days, etc. The camera pans on wedding photos of Billy & Chloe, JT & Vicki, Phylis & Nick and Nicki & Victor. The beaver packs up and leaves his wife behind. But even when all odds are against them, this resilient group somehow manages to filter out the bad stuff and salvage what still has potential.
At their house, Vicki can't believe they are getting married today. They have so much to do. They divide the list and Billy goes off.

Phylis stops by the Tacky House to drop off Summer. Nick is mad that Phylis didn't tell him about a Parent-Teacher meeting coming up. Phylis is mad he didn't tell her he wasn't living with Sharon. Nick thinks that his relationship with Sharon will be easier for Summer to handle than Phylis seeing an ex-con. And he noticed she didn't put that on her blog. How does she think Summer will feel when she sees that she ripped into everyone she loves?

Victor is on the phone saying "I hate to do this to my daughter, but it is for her own good." Nicki comes in to say it's time to get ready for the wedding. Victor says he has a meeting with Michael and leaves. Meggie comes in with a smoothie and offers to make Nicki one.

At CL, Mac is pissed at JT. He says that getting info for Tucker is his job and she says that working at CL is hers and scooted off. Daniel approaches Jana on the patio to say that he wants to be friends with her even though she and Kevin are divorcing. She looks very grateful.

Murphy (yeah!) and Kay are at the mausoleum with Delia and Philip. Chance and Jill come in and Chance asks to see Grandma Liz's things from the attic. Jill asks Chance if he is ok and he says he feels bad that he wasn't there when she died. Jill wonders if that is all there is to it. Chance is now alone, and the narrator (Phylis) says that no matter how happy people were on this day, it would end in tragedy.

Chance and Philip are assembling a trike for Delia. Chance regrets that he won't be there to see her ride it and Philip says he can still be part of her life. They reminisce about what they missed with each other over the years, but are happy they can spend time together now.

Vicki shows up at the Tacky House to tell Phylis and Nick she is getting married today. Phylis is thrilled for her, Nick, not so much. She tells them she is pregnant, which Nick thinks is no reason to rush into things. She wants them both to come to the wedding, and Summer to be the flower girl. Phylis goes upstairs to tell Summer. Vicki asks Nick to support her by being her Man of Honour. If Billy doesn't make you miserable then Dad will. Nick is happy about the baby but can't get behind the rest.

Billy shows up at the Abbot House to tell Abby, Ashley and Jack that Vicki is pregnant. Turns out that all but Abby already know Victor told them. He invites them to the house for the wedding and asks Jack to be his Best Man. Jack is livid, you knew how Victor felt about you but you went after his daughter anyway. Family means as much to the Newmans as it does to the Abbots. Jack is busy and resents that Billy expects them to drop everything. Billy just wants his family there on the biggest day of this life. Billy stomps out.

Michael is in the ranch living room with Victor. Michael thinks he is being very calm and tries to get Victor to attend. Nicki overhears and Michael leaves so they can talk. How can you do this to your own family? Just watch me, Victor glares.

Billy heads to the Mausoleum with his important news that they are getting married. Really married, or drunk fake married, Chloe asks. Jill figures out Vicki is pregnant. Kay and Murphy think it's great,as does Philip. Chloe is unhappy. Jill will not stand by and watch him make the biggest mistake of his life and stomps out.

Philip offers to help and Billy asks him to check on Gloworm's catering. Chloe heads for the booze and makes a catty remark about Chloe and Mac saving a seat for Vicki at the founders' table.

Vicki goes to CL's for some help with her list and runs into Jana and Daniel. She needs a dress and a photographer, and they are happy to help. Vicki is overwhelmed, Nick won't even stand up for me. She asks Jana to do the honours and she is thrilled.

Chloe feels so bad for Vicki, she has no idea what she is getting into. She doesn't know why he keeps running to the alter, you're never going to be like your Dad. Chance comes in with the baby he's sorry he won't get to see Delia being a flower girl. Billy says come to the wedding and Chance says he has stuff to do. Chance then apologizes for giving Billy a hard time at first, and hopes he will be happy. Happy is better than being perfect, Chance says sadly.

At Cls, JT overhears about the wedding and that Vicki wants Reed to come. JT isn't happy and Mac takes Vicki's side. You both act like your actions, and reactions don't affect your son. Fine, take him to the wedding, JT stomps off.

Ashley says to Jack, you're really not going? Jack says no. Ashley tells him how Billy would do anything for them and he should go.

So, this is what you do to your sweet little girl, Nicki says to Victor. He says he is sparing her from wrecking her life. You are trying to control her and I am sick of it. Are you saying you are not going to marry me, or what? Victor asks her. How many times do you have to go this same road before you realize someone always gets hurt. You are alienating her, Nicki says, as Vicki walks in. She asks if he has changed his mind. No. She tells him that nothing Billy ever does can hurt her as much as he is hurting her right now. Nicki leaves with her daughter, I hope you have a good time here by yourself.

Kay and Jill are talking. Billy is going to remember who was there, and who wasn't she says.

Billy is at CLs shopping for a Best Man. Rafe is there to do the honours. Billy warns that it's going to get wild.

Nina tells Chance that she talked to Cricket and she doesn't believe that Ronan is a dirty cop. Chance stops her from calling Cricket again, you do enough for me, you need to enjoy life a bit more. He shoes her off to go and have some fun. I do love you Mom, he says to himself after she leaves. Chloe overhears and asks him not to go to the "showdown" happening tonight.

Vicki and her mom are waiting at the house for Jana and her dresses. Vicki is stressed, Nicki is calm. Everything is going to be ok, she says. Do you think that Daddy will show up at the last minute? Nicki doesn't know. Reed runs in, all excited that his Mom is getting married. Mac and JT trail in behind him.

The back yard of their house looks really great. Billy and Philip meet with the Judge. Gloria calls someone and asks for their help my bartender didn't show up.

Rafe arrives and he and Philip make small talk. Philip lets him know that he's gay. Both smile at each other.

Chance tells Chloe that his last chance to prove his innocence is tonight. He has every intention of coming home tonight. Chance tries to grovel, he was a huge jerk but he loved her. His one regret is that he hurt her. Chloe can forgive him for cheating, but not for getting himself hurt. They have a tender moment.

Billy knocks on Vicki's door, which she can't open because her doorknob is stuck. Look down, he says. The doorknob is a present, which Vicki thinks is dumb. Vicki wonders if anyone has shown up, but seems disappointed that only her Mom, Philip, Gloria, Rafe and the Judge are there. But she is ready to "do this"

Phylis shows up to an empty backyard, her narration talks about people's dreams of having weddings and loving families. Sisters and brothers who stand by them (Ashley & Jack arrive) and grandparents (Kay and Murphy walk in) who are always wiser than their overbearing parents (Jill walks in). Michael walks in and shows Phylis a print copy of A Woman Scorned. In the Utopian world, people they trusted would never let them down (Nick walks in).

Chance strokes Chloe's face and then leaves without a word. And would never, ever say goodbye.
Victor is looking at a photo of him, Nicki and Vicki as a toddler. Everything's set for the wedding? he asks the person on the phone. The narrator talks about they all hope it will go well. But there are other plans for that afternoon. Father always knows best.

NEXT: Heather wants to know why Chance sounds so final. The Judge starts the ceremony. Ronan and Chance both point their guns at the same person (we can't see). Its over, Chance says.

My thoughts: A very good episode. I'll leave the wedding outfit descriptions to Annm for tomorrow. The best part was Philip and Rafe's cute looks at each other. The most annoying part was the tired old lines from the meddling families of the bride and groom.

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