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> September 8 Spoiler, from Wednesday's Canadian episode
post Sep 8 2010, 07:55 PM
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Victor is on the phone at the ranch speaking to someone about Abby's trust. He hangs up and gazes at Victoriaís photo and recalls their earlier conversation where he told her he was not coming to her wedding. Over at the new house Billy greets his guests and thanks them for coming. He and Victoria really appreciate it. Inside Vikki is with Nikki and is a nervous wreck. Nikki tries to calm her down and reassures her that everything is fine and even Glo seems to have the catering under control. Right then Glo in her big blue bow dress arrives to tell them that her bartender had a family emergency and that she had to call another one. Enter Deacon! Victoria flips out and yells for them to get him out of her home.

Heather is sulking at CL. Chance arrives to join her. He tells Heather he understands that she is angry and she explains that the only reason she went to Ronan was so that he would not get hurt. Chance admits that he was not thinking straight and not knowing who he could trust got to him. He asks Heather to forgive him. Heather replies that the way he is talking seems so final and realizes that something is up. She demands to know what he is up to.

In the alley Meeks, Pomerance and another "dirrrrrty cop" arrange suitcases of drugs. Ronan arrives and asks if the drugs are real. Pomerance sneers that he would not waste the real stuff on Chancellor. They go over details of the job and Pomerance says he wants to stay so that he could see the look on Chancellor's face, and also to see if Ronan can do what he is told. He threatens that if Ronan does not do the job to his satisfaction he will take care of both him and Chancellor. Pomerance wonders aloud why Ronan does not seem that eager to take out Chance even though the guy hates his guts. Ronan tells Pomerance that adding another body count draws attention and it does not makes sense to him to do it this way. Details of the whacking all taken care of, Ronan is about to leave when Pomerance stops him. He orders Ronan to lift his shirt to check see if he is wired.

At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Heather something big is going down tonight and he plans on being there. Heather asks him who is doing the bust with him and he tells her since he is no longer on the force he cannot get any back up. Heather tries to call Paul but Chance stops her from doing so. Heather realizes this may be goodbye and begs him not to do this. She tells him she loves him, and that to her what happened between them is real, even though she realizes that to him it may have been a rebound thing. She can't let him walk into a drug bust where he can be killed. Chance reassures her he will be safe and that he will come right back to her when this thing is over. With a kiss he leaves and Heather hurries out after him.

Back at the Ranch more reminiscing by Victor as he flashes back to Nikki placing a young (blonde) Victoria into his arms. Over at Vikki and Billy's, Vikki is still upset about Deacon being there and says she can't have that kind of bad luck on her wedding day. Glo in her bow explains that she had no choice but Nikki tells Glo she'd better go grab her apron since she will be doing it. Gloria is not too pleased. She tells Deacon to get lost and clip clops away (tee hee) to get her apron I assume. Nick arrives to glare at Deacon. "What the hell is he doing here"? Deacon says he was just leaving.

As Vikki and Nick go upstairs to check on Summer and Reed, a server walks in with drinks just as Nikki is leaving the room. She pauses for a moment but eventually says no thank you. Deacon has observed the whole thing and tells Nikki, "Itís not easy to say no". Nikki is speechless for a moment. Deacon has been to enough meetings to recognize a fellow "Alkie". Nikki finds her voice long enough to add that she is in recovery and that every day is a test. Deacon tells her if she wants to talk about a test try working as a bartender. Nikki clip clops out. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)

Phyllis walks in just as Deacon is about to leave. She asks him to be her plus one. Deacon tells Phyllis she must really hate her sister in law if she invites the man who broke up her (Vikki's) last marriage as her date. Phyllis corrects him ex-sister in law. Or Deacon wonders, is it to piss Nick off? Is it a yes? Phyllis asks. Deacon says it is.

Outside Mac runs into Billy who wants to know if the pregnancy test was right. Yes, Billy says he and Vikki are having a baby, but the wedding is not about Vikki being pregnant. He loves Vikki and she is what he wants. Billy tells Mac that he still loves her and that he hopes she knows that. They hug. On another side of the manicured lawn, Phillip, Jill Murphy and Kay pose for photos as Kay and Jill bicker about Billy and Victor. Jill still thinks that Billy is going to get crap from Victor and talks about it being hell to be in a family with someone you hate. Michael arrives just then. Jill asks where Lauren is and he Michael tells her Lauren had plans to go visit Scotty. Jill thinks Scotty should come to GC so she could get to know her nephew. What a lovely idea smiles Michael. They discuss the wedding party and are all surprised that Jana is standing up for Vikki. Photographer Daniel explains that it was a last minute thing and that Vikki was desperate. Jill says itís just an omen and that the wedding will be a disaster.

Further down the lawn, Jack chastises Abby for bringing her lawyer to a family event. Abby thinks it would be lame to come without a date and Vance says he is there to look out for Abby. Ashley wonders if Victor will show and Jack says that it will be a nice quiet day or it could still blow all to hell.

Over at the Chancellor mansion Heather arrives to ask Chloe if she knew what Chance was up to. She asks Chloe if she tried to talk him out of it. Of course Chloe tried. Heather mentions that she tried to get Chance to take Paul as back up but he refused. Chloe says that Chance probably does not want anyone else to get hurt since he saw too much of that in Iraq. She concludes that Chance is not scared, but he is an idiot. Nina walks in and wants to know who's not scared. Heather and Chloe keep mum and Nina demands to know what Chance is walking into.

In the alley Meeks tries to lift Ronan's shirt to check for a wire. Ronan grabs him by the throat. Touch me again and you die! Pomerance tells the dirrrrty cops to calm down. Chance will be here any minute. Ronan walks away as Pomerance and Meeks go back to arranging the suitcases. As they stand with their backs to the door, Chance arrives with his gun pointed and tells them to put their hands where he can see them. They all do. Pomerance slowly turns around. Needless to say Chance is stunned to see him.

Back at the ranch more reminiscing by Victor. This time Nikki and Victor are telling Vikki that they are having another baby. Vikki asks to touch the baby and Nikki holds her hand to her tummy.

Over at the wedding Michael pulls Phyllis aside and hisses that she is out of her mind bringing Deacon here. Phyllis tells him, it's his mother Gloria who is out of her mind because she was the one who hired him then asked him to leave, so Phyllis asked him to stay as her date. Michael asks if this is about Nick. Phyllis says no it's not. It's about her having fun. Just as Phyllis walks away Nick arrives and is not pleased. Michael steps in front of him and tells them his job today will be to run interference between him and Phyllis so that they stay away from each other. Nick says Phyllis is crossing the line. Michael reminds him that it's his sisterís wedding and he should try to keep the peace.

Billy and Nikki run into each other outside. Nikki is holding her hand to her head and Billy asks if she is OK. She says she is and tells him it's time. He's up. A nervous Billy takes his place with Rafe reassuring him that it will be OK. The wedding procession starts. Reed and Summer come down the aisle followed by Jana who is carrying Delia. All stand as Vikki gets ready to walk down the aisle. Just as she is about to walk the plank I mean walk down the aisle alone, Nick appears at her side. Vikki is surprised he is there and Nick tells her he couldn't let her get married and not be there.

The wedding gets underway (to the Father Knows Best theme song, I think not sure). Mac goes to get Delia and as Summer comes down to take a seat, Phyllis reaches for her to sit with her and Deacon, but Nick takes her to sit on his lap as he scowls at Deacon and Phyllis. Phyllis seems taken aback and retaliates by placing her hand on Deacon's knee and leaning in close to him. Nick is not impressed. Meanwhile, Vikki and Billy are now standing together at the altar and joke a bit with each other as their guests all look uneasy.

Heather and Chloe explain the whole story about the drug bust to Nina. Nina wants to know where all of this is going down and Chloe says they don't know but Ronan does. How convenient Nina thinks, Ronan tipping Chance off. She calls Chance's cell but he does not answer. Nina dials again. She knows who can help.

In the alley Chance begins to put two and two together after seeing Meeks and Pomerance. Pomerance tells him he can still walk away. Chance tells them to drop their weapons and walk away from the suitcases. These are going to Internal Affairs. Pomerance mocks him about all the merits he will get for taking down the bad guys. Chance says he will be happy just testifying against him. Too bad he'll never take the stand Pomerance tells him as Ronan appears behind Chance with his weapon drawn. It's over, Ronan says as Chance glances back over his shoulder.

More flashbacks at the ranch as Victor sits alone in his armchair. Meanwhile the wedding is underway. The guests look on and Nick glances over to Phyllis who still has her hand on Deacon's knee. Michael looks over at them to sigh and roll his eyes. As the judge asks is anyone present... Billy interrupts her and tells her to skip that part.

Paul is at Katherine's trying to trace Chance's cell phone signal. Heather says Ronan would not set Chance up but Nina is not convinced. All stare at her uncomfortably as she rants about Ronan and she realizes that they all know something that she doesn't. They all admit that they do. Chloe is surprised that Paul and Heather know and Heather is equally surprised that Chloe knows. However it is soon apparent, as Heather and Paul spill all about Ronan being undercover that they do not know that Ronan is Chance's brother. Heather then wants to know what Chloe knows and when Ronan told her about being undercover and it's now Chloe's turn to tell them all that Ronan is Chance's brother.

In the alley the showdown continues and Pomerance yells at Ronan to get it done. Chance and Ronan face off other guns pointing at each other. Kill him yells Pomerance. Over at Chancellor Chloe is telling all how she found out that Ronan is Nina's son and Chance's brother. A shocked Nina slumps into a chair in disbelief. Just then Paul gets a signal from Chance's cell phone.

Back at the wedding Vikki and Billy have no rings because they plan to get them tattooed on. Both Nick and Nikki lower their heads in disbelief. Just before they take their official vows Billy and Vikki exchange some heartfelt words to each other recounting how they first got together etc. Then the official vows. Billy goes first. Then as Vikki starts hers, two people in dressed in black arrive to arrest her. The charge, violating the foreign practices corrupt act. All are stunned! Vikki realizes that this is all about Japan!

Back to the alley. Shoot him already, shouts Pomerance and as Ronan hesitates he orders Meeks to finish it. Meeks grabs for his gun and as he is about to shoot Ronan fires. It is not clear if he was firing at Meeks who was beside Chance or at Chance, but as Meeks ducks behind, Chance is shot. Paul and Nina rush in just as Chance falls to the ground. Paul pulls a screaming Nina away and Chance lies motionless on the ground.

Chaos reigns over at the wedding. The judge, bless her heart continues the ceremony as Vikki is being hauled away with Billy, Michael and Rafe at her side tulle flying all over the place. Vikki repeats her vows are she is being led away and just before she gets shoved into the back of the car, the judge pronounces them husband and wife (a pretty hilarious scene). Damn you Victor says Billy!

Over at the ranch, Victor gets word that the deed was done and that Vikki was arrested.

More chaos in the alley. Chance is down, Nina is hysterical, and Ronan looks shell shocked. Nina is screaming how could you do this to your brother? The paramedics are on the scene and pronounce Chance dead and are about to cover him with a sheet as Chloe and Heather rush in. More bawling as both make a beeline to Chance.

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Thanks once again annm. I (and thousands of readers) appreciate your time and effort.
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