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> Tuesday, January 11, 2011
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At the ranch, Michael and Victor chat about Vance and the mediation. The forensic accounting report is in – there’s nothing that can be used against him. Michael hopes this will shift things in Victor’s favour, to which Victor responds with a “well DUH” gesture.

At Victoria’s, she and Abby are with Vance talking about the clear accounting report. He wishes they’d found something incriminating but it’s okay. They chat about the sale of the company in Dubai and how it could devalue their trusts. Abby wants to settle and move on, Victoria agrees, but Vance says they’re almost home. But all Abby wants is to live her life without Victor trying to control them. Victoria says the only way it’ll happen is to stand up to him. She doesn’t want Abby to have to give up on her dreams because she gave up on this fight. Vance leaves with a reminder to walk away if Victor wants to discuss the case privately. Victoria tells Abby that Victor would chew off his right leg to win. But if Vance is wrong, does Victoria still think it the right thing to do?

Ronan gives the DA a copy of the wire recording from the day of Chance’s shooting. The judge needs to hear it before admitting it but Ronan is adamant that the jury needs to hear it. Nothing is more disgusting than a cop hiding behind his badge. The DA is sure they’ll get a conviction. For a fear of desperate attempts by the defence (like the Heather car bomb), the prosecution strategy MUST stay between them.

Heather’s working on her laptop at the coffee house when Paul arrives. Interrupting to say hi, Heather admits she’s working on something personal – the drug cartel. She wants to be prepared as she’s been subpoenaed. She trusted Pomerance and because of that Chance is dead. They talk about who could be the secret witness and Heather is irked she doesn’t know given she ran the investigation. She doesn’t trust anyone, even the new DA – but if Paul wants to help, he can help her figure out who the mystery witness is.

Sharon takes a call from “her friend Adam” while playing with Faith. She attributes her great mood to having Faith with her. Things are finally turning around for them. She knows the truth about Skye will come out soon.

Jack catches up with Blondie (whose name is apparently Chester). He wants to talk about the burnt out shack. He shows Skye’s photo – Chester hasn’t seen her but will keep an eye out. Jack calls to tell the police he has new information about the accidental death that was reported a few days ago.

The DA is back from giving the CD to the judge personally. He hasn’t made a ruling yet despite listening to it. The DA made a persuasive case; the defence wants it excluded since Chance isn’t around to be cross-examined. Ronan sighs.

Paul’s left a message for Christine who is in court call day. If the feds are in on it, she’ll know. Heather can’t wait so she’s going to go see Spencer (the new DA). Daddy offers to tag along but is instead assigned to watch her belongings. As Heather leaves, Nina arrives. She’s so glad Heather told her about Ronan’s health but wishes he could have told her himself. But now that she knows, he won’t have to go through it alone. Nina’s not sure what the right thing to say to Ronan is but needs a hug and a pep talk from Paul.

Abby has a bad feeling about the Dubai thing and Victoria sympathizes with all Abby’s going through. Daniel is now awake but really out of it. Victoria reminds Abby how out of it she was when she had a head injury and offers some sisterly advice: she’s vulnerable and Victor could take advantage of it. Vance and Victoria can handle the hearing if Abby can’t handle seeing Victor.

Victor has a meeting before the mediation and will see Michael there. He makes another call to Koa in Hawaii with their secret phrase. Koa says, in the presence of a female patron, “How you doing Mr. Newman”. Victor reports that the photo is of Jack Abbott who Koa says hasn’t been around again.

Jack now calls Sharon wanting to know the name of the detective she talked to in Hawaii; guess what, he found the bottle of perfume. Sharon is shocked to hear he’s in Hawaii and has found the shack which has burned to the ground. Jack does believe Sharon but the police would listen; they won’t even issue a death certificate. Sharon is thankful for Jack’s help who is doing it for Skye and to make sure Victor doesn’t get away with it.

All arrive for the mediation. Abby’s okay – fear is just a state of mind. Shoulder pads in place, the girls enter. The judge asks for comments on the accounting report. Michael points out that everything has been accounted for; all money was returned to the trusts with interest. The judge agrees that Victor can move funds as he pleases.

Heather arrives to offer the new DA her help. He doesn’t want her help; she’s suggesting that while he’s prosecuting the corrupt ex-district attorney he should insult his successor whom he fired for her own questionable behaviour? No, he doesn’t need her help. He and Ronan have it under control. Heather demands to know who the secret witness is. While Spencer turns his back to take a call, Heather picks up her bag (which was right next to the CD) and leaves.

Nina is waiting for Ronan at his apartment. She wants to talk about “this” in person; Ronan turns her down thinking she means the trial or Chance. But no, she’s there to donate part of her liver to him. And she’s not taking no for an answer. Ronan is pissed that Heather told her. Nina understands his reasons but has contacted his doctor and been tested to see if she’s compatible.

Sharon gets off the phone thanking someone for something. Adam calls again; better time to talk? Sharon excitedly reports what Jack has found. Sharon is going to talk with the DA; this proves that Adam couldn’t have killed Skye. Now they can be together.

Jack is pleading with the Hawaiian detective on the phone who won’t have any of it. He goes back into the store to be greeted by name by Koa.

If Ronan wanted Nina to know about his illness, he would have told her himself. She’s a mother with a PI boyfriend – that’s how she found his doctor. She’s tried to be respectful and give him space but is not backing down about his health. She WILL give him a future even if he spends it pushing her away.

Heather’s back – oh look the CD is in her hand. Paul scolds Heather for stealing official police evidence. Oh but she’ll return it after listening to it. She was too emotional to really listen to it the first time.

With Skye’s photo, Jack tells Koa that she’s dead and the man that brought her there is responsible. And they both know who that is. He wants to know what Victor’s paying – Jack will double it. Koa won’t help but Jack is willing to stand out front with the photo and a big pile of cash. SOMEONE will have seen her. Jack offers his phone for Koa to call Victor right now – he has him on speed dial after all.

Vance states that the girls were pleased to learn their trusts are okay. He now reveals the Dubai deal and wants the judge to freeze one third of Newman assets be froze to prevent Victor from dismantling his company. Victor has no plans to do so and, with a pointed finger, says Victoria should know better than anyone.

Ronan doesn’t want Nina to think his illness is why he came to Genoa City but that never crossed Nina’s mind. Starting to soften, he doesn’t expect her help or liver. They agree their stubbornness is a family trait. When she was younger, no one could tell her anything. But then she had kids and it all changed. It won’t be all about you when you’re a father. Oh by the way, Paul will look for his biological father. Nina is stunned to hear that he’s already tracked him down via the information in her book. She’s sad to hear he’s dead. Actually, yes Ronan looks like his dad. He tells Nina that he died from the same disease at the same age Ronan is now.

Paul offers to listen to the CD for Heather, but she HAS to do it. She knows the case and all the players. Chance gave his life for it and she owes him. They decide to listen to the CD together. (I can’t think of a more lovely family moment.) Each grabbing an earbud they exchange a wistful glance.

Dubai has nothing to do with this lawsuit – Victoria knows that, as lead of the project, they always intended to sell it off. Vance insists that sufficient funds be placed in escrow, with Michael and Victor arguing. Victor tells the judge that freezing the funds will preclude him from doing business as usual.

Rising, the judge will return shortly with his decision about freezing the assets. Abby leaves to go check on Daniel while Michael and Vance trade barbs. This leaves Victor to ask Victoria why she’s doing this. She laid the groundwork for the Dubai sale, after all. Victoria reminds him that she went to cover his illness. He demands she stop this right now or she’ll destroy the very company that built the family.

The DA is arrived to see Sharon (who couldn’t wait and the baby is sleeping). Sharon tells of Jack in Hawaii and how the shack has been burned down. Spencer claims that Sharon could have placed the perfume – keep is up and he’ll rethink the obstruction charges.

There’s Jack out front with Skye’s picture when Chester comes back – hey he found some keys on the volcano, one is for one of his PO boxes. Jack takes the keys and we see a clear glimpse of a Queen of Hearts keychain.

Nina has to sit at this news – there’s no reason to think they won’t be a match. And if not? That’s why he didn’t want to tell her. Ronan didn’t want to get close to Nina since this disease could kill him. She demands to be the judge of what she can handle. She wants to be in his life for a week, a year or ten years. She won’t let him go through this alone whether or not she’s a match. She flings herself into Ronan’s arms as he sheds a few tears.

Clueless Heather doesn’t hear anything new on the recording but Paul wants to rewind to hear the shot again. He’s pretty good at ballistics and he’s sure that the shot wasn’t loaded. Ronan was shooting blanks.

The judge is ordering one third of Newman assets be held in escrow. Abby’s back, I guess she only made a call to check on Daniel. Victor accuses the girls of destroying the company; with this, neither of their trusts will be worth a damn.

Adam calls Sharon again, but she doesn’t have good news. The perfume doesn’t prove anything. Adam wonders if the DA is being paid off – at least Pomerance was controlled by his dad. Sharon’s optimistic since Jack is still in Hawaii looking around. He only needs to find one witness who saw Skye. Adam thinks it hopeless – Victor could have paid off everyone.

Jack is looking over the elevator camera photos again. He finds a shot of Skye holding keys – with a Queen of Hearts keychain just like the one in his hand.

NEXT: Victoria demands to know who Billy was on the phone with. It’s just work he says. What is going on?? Ronan angrily tells Heather to leave him alone or face her own trial. Victor screams at Nick – NO ONE threatens me and gets away with it.

Sorry it’s late guys, I started a new job today and got home late.

Edited to correct Koa's name - thanks milesfam!

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Once again, thanks so much for the spoiler Lyndsay....you're awesome chick!!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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thank you!!!!!!!
Having fun in the sun!!!!

will check in with y'all tomorrow!
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