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> Wednesday, January 12, 2011
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Vicki comes down the stairs at her house, looking really rough. Billy comes out from the kitchen. He wants to make her whatever she wants for breakfast. She's a champion, she kicked butt at the mediation. Vicki doesn't feel so great about what happened, she may have frozen one third of NE's assets, but feels the tactics put her on shaky moral ground. Billy sends her back upstairs to start the day over. He's going to bring her breakfast (and more) in bed. As she leaves, Billy calls Primrose to tell her he's transferred half the money. Half? she says, that wasn't the deal. You'll get the other half upon delivery. Vicki has come back downstairs for her book. Who was that on the phone? Billy says works, Phylis? asks Vicki. Billy, what is going on?

Jack is at Crimson Lights, on the phone with Phylis who is at a sleeping Daniel's bedside. (IN A NEW OUTFIT!) She wishes she could put some expresso into Daniel's I.V. Jack plans to meet her at the hospital. Nick comes into Crimson Lights. Jack shows him Skye's keychain – seen in the elevator video and found on the trail where Sharon saw Skye. So Skye was definitely in Hawaii, Jack says. My dad lied to me, Nick sighs. Nick wonders if Jack would consider keeping this info between them. Nope, says Jack. Nick worries what Adam will do if released. Jack feels that by withholding info he would be going along with Victor's scheme. Jack guesses that Nick is going to give his Dad a heads up about this. I went to him while you were away, Nick says, he looked me in the eye and called him disloyal for even asking about it. He clearly wants to deal with this on his own, Nick says. So I'm going to let him.

Michael comes into Victor's office. There are reporters waiting, who've given a list of questions for them to review in advance. They decide how they are going to spin each one

Bonnie (ranch housekeeper) greets Diane and Kyle. I'll make sure your bags get to the carriage house. She wants to show Kyle the billiard room and the video games there. All three are excited.

Sharon is at Adam's jail cell telling him how she stood up to Nick and got to spend the day with Faith. She feels that they need to do that with the lawyers. Don't waste your time, says Adam. You need legal protection, you're being set up. And Victor did it brilliantly, says Adam. He managed to convince the world of a murder that didn't happen.

Speaking of murders that didn't happen, Heather enters the DA's office, holding a file folder with Chance's photo in it. Sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak to you both (Ronan's there too). Mind if I handle this? says Ronan. The DA agrees and leaves his office. Heather says to Ronan, I'm sure you are upset with me, but I need you help. You went behind my back and betrayed my confidence, why would I help you? I'm not going to apologize for telling Nina you were sick. Ronan thinks she has a habit of sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. Heather tells him how she listened to the audio recording of Chance's death, which was deemed inadmissible in court. How did you get that? he asks. Then he warns her to stay out of it, unless she wants to face her own trial. She leaves and a guy in a suit meets up with in the hall. Heather, does this mean you're coming back? He points to the DA office. I wish, she says... Actually, you could do me a favour, she says to him.

Jack shows up at Adam's jail cell to show Sharon and Adam the evidence of the keychain and elevator photo. That's Skye's good luck charm, Adam says. Well it seems to be your good luck charm now. Sharon starts thanking him, but Jack didn't do it for her. If it gets this bastard out of jail, it may turn out to be the worst possible thing I could ever do for you. Guess I'm lucky you hate my father more than you want to see me behind bars. Well look at that, good luck charms already working, Jack says at he saunters off, leaving Sharon and Jack to look lovingly into each others eyes.

Vicki tells Billy that she has noticed lots of hangups when she walks into the room, and that Billy has been secretive and pre-occupied. Billy's been having a hard time and didn't want to burden Vicki with his stuff. What stuff? His phone rings. It's Phylis, who thinks she has a story. Can he come to the hospital to meet her and Jack? He leaves, leaving Vicki to shake her head and sigh.

Nick's been summoned to his dad's office and Victor thanks him for being there and his loyalty. Mike greets the reporter, who understands how delicate the matter is and thanks them for the exclusive interview.

Vicki wraps herself in a blanket, and flashes back to her father asking her why she was doing this. You'd better stop, he says, or you'll destroy the company that built this family. Then she turns on the TV to see the press conference. Victor is explaining about the assets being frozen. Won't that hurt the company? Victor doesn't think it will. But you must have wished you could avoid it, the reporter asks. The only mistake I made was not realizing the full extent my daughters' ingratitude.

Phylis is also listening to it in the halls of the hospital as Billy comes in. Your father-in-law, he's saying what a spoiled brat your wife is. Well, hopefully whatever Jack has is enough to pin his ass to the wall, Billy says. Jack walks in, also listening. I love it, says Jack, he's digging is own grave, live and on camera.

At Crimson Lights, every customer and staff person is riveted to the TV screen and Victor's interview. Vance is watching as Sharon walks in.

At the ranch, Kyle is watching as Diane walks in. Look, it's Victor and Nick! Diane sends Kyle into the kitchen to taste test Bonnie's cookies, then turns up the volume to hear how much Victor trusts Nick, his son and right hand man.

Back in his office, Victor tells the reporter that he feels the NE will be stronger than ever a year from now. The reporter thanks Victor for the interview and leaves. I think that went well, Victor says to Nick. You said all the right things, says Nick, too bad they weren't all true. We can work with a judge to lift the ruling, but if the consortium falls apart in the meantime, it just won't matter. The Dubai sale will fall through, says Nick. Nick and Victor talk about various negotiations that are already falling through. This will mean layoffs, syas Nick. We'll start with Beauty of Nature, says Victor and you make sure that everyone knows they lost their job because of your sister. Ok, says Nick, we'll start at 10 per cent reduction in staff. Ten percent! says Michael, that will cause a panic. Victor slams his hand on the desk, I started this company from nothing....... (I just can't type those tired old lines!). Now it is under siege from my own family. If Jack Abbott and Tucker think they will pick up the spoils, I will declare war. NO ONE threatens me and gets away with it. He stomps out. Michael asks Nick if he wants a ride to the hospital to see Phylis. Nick says no, he'll go later. He needs to see someone.

At the hospital, Billy is trying to wake Daniel up. Phylis talks about how much Abby has been there. Jack says to Daniel, you'd better wake up, there seems to be a peace settlement between your mother and your girlfriend. Jack tells Billy how proud he is of Vicki for going after Victor. And I have enough to finish him office, says Jack.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon shows Vance the evidence and he is impressed. How do you do it? he asks her, you should be a lawyer. I may have to be, if I can't find a lawyer to represent Adam. Never fear, he says, I'll take this all to the DA right now.

Heather is hanging out in the hallway when her former staff guy hands her a file folder. I could lose my job if Spencer (the DA) finds out, he says. Oh no, he won't, says Heather. Ronan passes her without a word and heads into the DA's office, where Christine is waiting. Good, she says, we have a lot to catch up on.

Back at the jail, Sharon tells Adam the good news about Vance being back on the case. You know this is all happening because of you, says Adam. They kiss between the bars.

Back in Daniel\s hospital room, Jack tells Billy that it is his call whether RS| runs the story about Victor and Skye. I don't have absolute proof, says Jack. Billy asks Jack if he has any doubt. Not even the slightest, says Jack. But Jack wants Billy to consider that by running the story, he may make Adam a “cause celeb” and force the DA's hand. You might not want that on your conscience, says Jack, as he is having trouble with it himself. Sitting by her son's bedside, Phylis is reminding of sitting there when Summer was ill. Victor should have learned something from what happened to Summer and from Colleen's death, but he hasn't. I say you should go for it, Phylis. says.

Back at the ranch, Victor meets up with Diane and asks her how they are settling in. Then she says how sorry she is that he has to go through this ordeal. You sound like you mean it, he says to her. I'll get through it, he says. She asks if there is anything she can do to help.

Sharon's still hanging around the jail cell, when Vance strolls into see Adam. What did the DA say when you showed him the keychain? Adam asks.

Nick storms into Vicki's living room. It was one thing, for you to make your point with Dad. I didn't like it.... but now you have gone too far. Oh, alright, so when this lawsuit was just a symbolic gesture, it wasn't a problem, but now that we actually have a chance of winning, Vicki says. Now 100s of people will lose their jobs, says Nick. You should be saying that to Dad, he could have ended this ages ago. We all know what Dad is capable of, Nick says, the real surprise here is you. You said that I was turning into Dad just before Christmas, and that really made me think. But what about you, Nick says, you don't care how many people you use to get back at him. Vicki looks ashamed as Billy walks in. Get out of my house, Billy says to Nick.

Now Dianne wants to cook dinner for Victor, since the chef has the night off. Victor chuckles, he doesn't remember her cooking skills. Her mac and cheese is delicious, she says. I\m very hungry, Victor flirts. Dianne goes off to scrounge in the fridge. The doorbell rings. Jack has stopped by to warn Victor that things are about to get much, much worse. When will you ever learn that you will never, ever get the upper hand with me, Victor glares.

Christine tells Ronan that maybe he should have drawn Heather out and found out how far her investigation has gone. The DA walks in to join them, wondering if Heather Stevens It's ok says Ronan, I shut her down. Christine reminds them that Heather is persistant. You don't have to tell me, Ronan says, she got me to go to Nina's on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The bug is bug-eyed, how did she manage that? He knows what will get to her and he threatened to arrest her for evidence tampering.
Heather meets an EMT at Crimson Lights. She was looking for the names of the EMTs that looked after Chance that night, but their names are not in the file, she tells him. But she has a photo. The EMT does not recognize them and he is in charge of training, so knows them all. Heather ponders this new info.

Sharon says to Vance that the new evidence indicates that Skye's murder was a hoax. Maybe, says Vance, he is talking to a judge right now. As Vance turns away to take a call, Sharon tells Adam that this might be the last night he spends in jail.

Jack is now inside at the ranch. You seem awfully confident for a man who's about to take a fall, says jack. Victor tells him that he seems like a kid at Christmas, which is funny because he has never spent Christmas with any of his kids (LOL). As Jack is wonderfully whether his kids will visit him in prison, Kyle runs into the room. Dad! Did you come to check out our new home? Just as Jack tries to swallow that, Dianne walks in saying to Kyle that there are cooking dinner for |Victor tonight. Jack is fit to be tied. I don't think Jack had an idea that you were both here, Victor gloats. Explain NOW, Jack says to Diane.

Michael checks in with Phylis at the hospital. Daniel suddenly sits up and calls Mom. She rushes to his bedside and he asks her what he is doing in the hospital. New Years Eve, Phylis says, Daisy, remember?

Nick is just leaving Vicki's house. She looks sad. He's right, I acted like my father. Really? Billy says, if that's true, why isn't he over here kissing your butt. That's what he does to his daddy. She says she doesn't have any more family to lose. She walks off and Billy dials the phone. I want to finish this deal tonight, he tells Primrose.

NEXT: Christine to Nina, what's wrong with Ronan? He may be dying, Nina says. Where's the baby, Billy asks Primrose. Wire me the 2nd million, and you'll have your baby, Primrose says. Do NOT use Victor Newman against me, Jack says to Dianne, bad things will happen.

My thoughts: How is what Ronan does for the holidays relevant to the case they are discussing, or of interest to DA Spencer? Why would Victor let Jack in the house, knowing he only came by to gloat? Why is it that people just come and go, visiting Adam right at his cell? Why aren't there other visitors outside the other cells visiting prisoners. Does Adam have his own wing in the jailhouse? Sharon should be a lawyer? What's next.... Victor - a priest?
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WOOOHOOO......awesome spoiler Tina!!!! Thanks a bunch girlie!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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Yay Tina! A great time we are (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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