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> Thursday, 9.29.11 Day Ahead Spoiler
post Sep 29 2011, 10:16 PM
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****Today's spoiler comes courtesy of tina who is filling in for Toni today (9.29) and tomorrow (9.30).....thank you tina for offering to write the spoilers and for doing such a great job!!!!****

***Thursday - September 29, 2011 Day ahead spoiler***

At the police station, Detective Maure (Coco from Fame) is praising Ronan for how far he's gotten in the case. Another cop comes in and hands Ronan one of the missing pages from Diane's diary.

Nick gets an anonymous letter and calls Ashley to come over. Ashley leaves Tucker's arbitration to go see Nick.

Abby comes to Vicki's, and their dad is already there. Abby announces her decision to go to college, both are happy. Vicki shows them her laptop, where there is a news story that the Newmans are being questioned in the Jenkins murder.

Ronan runs into Phylis at the club. He doesn't think she's a killer, except in a short skirt. He wants her opinion on who killed Diane. Ronan is leaning towards Nick and Ashley – they were in the park that night. Ronan knows they called each other and they are hiding something. Phylis bolts – uncomfortable with the news.

Nick's letter writer threatens to tell the cops about Nick and Ashley's phone call, if they don't give him $50,000. Ashley is sure that Adam is behind this.

Ronan sits down at Adam's table at the club. He tells Adam that they have Diane's diary and Diane wrote that she knew Adam was going to kill her.

Vicki thinks the news article was written by Ronan. Victor feels the investigation has stalled and this will make him look better. Abby is wigging out.

Ronan reads from the diary that although Diane knew people in GC hated her, Adam was really mad that she ratted him out. Diane thought Adam was a psychopath. Adam thinks Ronan is trying to frame him. Ronan thinks he's guilty and wants to talk more at the station.

Ashley tells Nick that she received another photo, this one was of her pushing Diane at the park. Neither wants to cave in to Adam's blackmail. Phylis bursts in to the tackhouse. What a shock seeing you two together, she says sarcastically. Phylis warns them that Malloy was questioning her about them. He thinks that Nick and Ashley were conspiring to put Diane six feet under. Phylis wants to know what's going on, as Ronan has made her part of it. Abby calls her mom and Ashley has to go. Nick says that he has to tell Phylis the whole story. Ashley agrees they have no choice.

Adam and Victor are in Malloy's office. Victor is unhappy with the storyline that slanders his family. They both say they weren't at the park. Malloy plays their taped conversation where they both talk about going to the park. Victor calls Malloy an arrogant S.O.B. who now has a lawsuit on his hands because they didn't constant to being recorded. Victor storms out. Adam tries to follow, but Malloy says not so fast. The diary gives me enough information to hold you while continue my investigation.

Nick tells Phylis everything and now they are teamed up to “get that S.O.B.” (Adam).

Heather comes into the cop shop just as Adam is arrested. Heather wonders on what charge.

Phylis has a plan to get the money, go to the warehouse and end this forever. Her plan is that Nick goes to him and Phylis will record everything with her phone. Nick's off to the bank to get the money together.

Heather is in Ronan's office, asking if he has anything to justify the arrest. Ronan accuses her of trying to protect her ex.

Phylis jokes about them having sex before they leave. Nick tells her how glad he is that he doesn't have to keep this secret from her any longer and they share a kiss.

Ronan and Heather come out of the office. Ronan tells Adam he is free to go.

Ashley shows up at Vicki's and Abby shows her the internet news story. Abby wants to sue Malloy, but Victor says they can only do that if it isn't true. Victor admits that they were all questioned in the past 24 hours. Abby tells them about the key and lock box which contained Diane's diary.

Nick enters the warehouse, where Phylis is hiding. Nick yells out that he's not leaving until he sees the person's face. The lights come on and it is Ronan and Detective Maure. I see you got my note, says Ronan. You have a lot of explaining to do.

Now they are all back at the police station. Ronan wants to know what has Nick so damn desperate that he would pay $50,000. Nick wants to wait for his lawyer. Ronan starts talking about Diane's diary – how she writes about her affair with Nick that went sour. He suspects that Phylis was jealous and Phylis wonders aloud if she's still a suspect.

Adam's at CLs and runs into Heather. He tries to thank her for keeping him from jail – he didn't kill Diane. She says that Ronan has evidence on him, in the diary. Adam says it's a lie. Heather thinks it's funny that Adam is in trouble because of someone else's forged diary.

Malloy and Maure review the giant whiteboard. Maure compliments him on the sting – Nick and Phylis didn't see that coming. So what's next, she asks? More Newmans, he says. Then he calls Abby, who tells him she is sitting with her Dad, Mom and sister. Ronan is glad, put me on speaker phone. Ronan promises that the newspaper will print an apology, but he wants to know what Diane had on Abby. It would be better if Abby confesses on her own. Then Ronan tells them each other's secrets – Ashley was in the park, Vicki said she was with dear old Dad. They are stunned into silence. Ronan tells them that if any of them want to 'fess up and change their statements, they know where to find him. They all looked at each other suspiciously.

Ronan complains to Maure that Diane was bludgeoned to death and these people walk around like they are the king and queens of GC. What a minute... he picks up one of the pillows. Phylis and Nick are still in the waiting room wondering where Michael is. Det. Maure comes out of the office and tells them they are both being held for questioning.

Adam is at the warehouse. He is walking around talking to ???? “You are out of control, I know you wrote that diary page and you're setting me up. Come out, come out wherever you are.” There is a loud noise and a toy wind-up money starts banging his cymbals. Adam leaves the warehouse.

At Vicki's, Ashley and Abby have to leave. Vicki then confesses to her Dad that she was also in the park that night and she saw him with Diane. Outside the house, Abby tells her mom that she is nervous about Ronan. Ashley calms her down.

Ronan and Maure are looking at the pillows. One says “Yes I am evil”, Malloy pins Adam's photo to that one. They have 10 pillows and only 9 suspects. He slits a pillow open that says “Girls just want to have funds” and finds a memory stick. I bet this is what the Naked Heiress didn't want me to find.

NEXT: Avery tells Phylis that she has to bring Lucy to see Daisy... today. If Tucker wins, Kay says to Jack, do you really think he will sell Jabot? Victor is barking at Malloy – you find the real killer and stop harassing my family.
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