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> Friday's Spoiler - September 30th, Thank you Tina!!!!!
post Sep 30 2011, 08:50 PM
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Thanks so much Tina! Im pasting this here because Ive told a few who emailed me (and arent members) to check this board. I cant change permissions on this board from here (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)

Neil, Devon, Sophia, Jack & Tucker are at the courthouse. Jack is sitting with Tucker who thinks the judge will rule in his favour after he sees the agreement. Devon tells Neil and Sophia that he thinks it is pretty bad when someone as rich as Tucker sues his own mother. Kay and Mitchell Sherman make their entrance. Kay stops in front of Jack and chastises him for siding with Tucker. The judge reminds them all the his ruling is final.

At CLs, Abby offers to go with Ashley to the courthouse. Abby wants to take her mind off Ronan. Ashley looks doubtful when Abby says Ronan doesn't have anything on her.

At the police station, Ronan and Maure** watch Abby's video confession of running over Tucker. Ronan says that wasn't what he was expecting at all. Maure wonders how it ties in with the Jenkins murder. A little thing called motive, Ronan says.

Phylis and Daniel are in an interview room at the police station. She thanks Daniel for checking in on Lucy. The officer says she is frees to go. Daniel heads to the “head” and Sharon comes into the room. Avery sees Daniel in the hall and introduces herself. She thinks Phylis must have told him terrible things about her. Daniel's confused. Avery asks how Lucy is. Daniel says she is fine and healthy. He says he has to go. She says “bye nephew” to herself and smiles.

Victor, Michael and Nick are in another interview room. Victor wants the harassment to stop. Michael says they have enough evidence to hold Nick and Phylis for 24 hrs. You shouldn't have lied to the police, he tells Nick. This is your own fault.

Ashley needs to stop at home before going to the courthouse. As they enter, Abby's confession is playing on the TV and Ronan comes out of the bedroom. He doesn't care why Abby ran over Tucker, just why Diane had the video. Abby's welcome to explain herself at the station.

Phylis wonders why Sharon isn't at the Big House. Because her trial is soon, Sharon says. Phylis thanks her for hooking Daisy up with Avery, now Daisy will get visitation. Avery storms in to say that what's best for Daisy is what the law says is best and Phylis does not have the law on her side.

Michael advises Nick to tell Ronan everything – the photos, messages, the envelope with Adam's DNA. Victor wonders what they are talking about, then gets a text that Ronan brought Abby in for questioning. He takes off and Michael again tells Nick to tell Ronan all and let him sort it out.

In court, Tucker says he only wants what is rightfully his. Kay says that Tucker is suing him out of spite. She paid handsomely and Neil can attest to that. She tells Tucker that he should admit his mistakes and move on. Kay says there is no way he couldn't have gotten a higher price on the open market. Tucker says that's not true and Jack pipes up to say that he would have paid more for Jabot. The judge wants to know what Jack's role is. Jack says his dad started the company (blah, blah, blah) and that he would have paid a higher price. Mitchell Sherman points out that Kay told him about the purchase at the time and he couldn't afford it. Jack has a sales agreement that says he will buy Jabot if Tucker wins this case and pay three times what Kay paid.

Avery tells Phylis that she spoke with CPS and found out that Lucy didn't have chicken pox. That means you have to bring her to Daisy... today. If you don't bring her by 6:00 pm, Daisy will file for a change of custody. She also says she spoke to Daniel. Phylis looks worried but Avery reassures her that she never told him she was his aunt. Sharon is loving every minute of it. Phylis tells her that she doesn't care about children, she let her own think she was dead so she could have a fling with some guy. Phylis yells that Avery isn't hurting her, just putting an innocent child in danger.

Ronan tells Abby that he knows she was being blackmailed. Abby admits to being in the park, arguing with Diane. But she was fine when I left. Ashley tries to get Abby to be quiet. Ronan offers to talk to the DA about making a deal on her confession if Abby fills in the details about Diane. Ashley says Abby's attorney has to approve any deals. He leaves as Victor walks in. Abby does her “poor me” routine for Victor, who promises that nothing bad will happen to her. Ashley consoles her and tells her she knows Abby did everything out of love. Michael thinks a deal like that is a good idea. Victor has a better idea. Ronan comes back, saying he can't reach the DA. Victor tells him the confession was meaningless, Abby was just trying to protect her mother. And when Abby offered the same confession to the DA back then, he wouldn't listen. Michael point out that the DA won't pursue it because the only witness to the accident is dead. Victor is infuriated and tells him to find the real killer and stop harassing his family.

Nick and Phylis are at CLs. Nicks says Phylis never told him why she was at the park. She'll tell him someday, she says. Daniel walks in with Lucy (who looks to be about one year old). Phylis warns Daniel to stay away from Avery, she is bad, bad news.

It is recess at the courthouse, and Devon comes over to Tucker – it's all about revenge with you, isn't it. Tucker says if Devon really knew what was going on, he'd understand. Kay comes over to Jack – friends be damned, she guesses. Do you really think he will sell you Jabot if he wins, she asks. Jack will take his chances. The judge comes back with his ruling. They all glare at each other.

Avery and Sharon are working on her trail. Sharon points out that Avery promised her that her relationship with Phylis would not affect her case. If anything, Avery says, Phylis's nasty attitude towards Sharon will make Avery work harder.

At the Big House, Daisy is holding Lucy on her lap talking to Lucy about how Phylis lied and Lucy should be with her. Phylis explains that Lucy is happy and Daisy would be disrupting her life by putting her in care. Daisy has a list of demands for Phylis – she wants weekly visit, money and Phylis to support Avery's efforts to get Daisy released. And she wants Phylis to sign it.

Back at the police station, Abby is free to go. The female officer is surprised, but Ronan plans to keep the Newmans under surveillance.

The judge rules the sale of Jabot to Chancellor Industries null and void, due to the shroud of secrecy around the sale. McCall Unlimited has to return the money from the sale and Chancellor has to pay all court costs. Jack wants to know when Tucker wants to finalize the sale of Jabot to him. Tucker says soon and leaves. Kay tells Jack it is as though Jack is spitting in his father's face with his behaviour.

The DA comes to see Ronan, asking to see the confession. Then he wants Ronan to bring her up from holding so he can talk to her. She's not here, Ronan says, I let her go. You what? the DA snarls.

Abby and Michael are drinking at the club. Abby hopes her mom isn't mad that she skipped the courthouse. What should we drink to, Michael asks. Abby says, to get through another 24 hours without having to wear the orange jumpsuit - which does nothing for her complexion. Victor arrives, complaining that in the past 24 hours every member of his family has been dragged down to the police station. He missed Nicki and the grandchildren, Abby jokes. Victor is going to wipe that smug smile off of Ronan's face.

Avery runs into Daniel at CLs. Daniel tells her he doesn't appreciate being lied to. Avery's a fan of the truth and about that...... Daniel interrupts her to say that Daisy shouldn't be anywhere near Lucy. He walks off and Nick walks in. He tells her that putting Daisy back in their lives means putting innocent people in harms way. The law is the law, says Avery. Nick thinks her behaviour is personal... against Phylis.

Phylis says to Daisy – you're saying if I don't sign this, you'll take it out on Lucy. Then she signs the paper and takes Lucy back. Oh, says Daisy, Avery wanted me to give you this. It's a bill, says Phylis. Well, says Daisy, you promised to cover my legal fees – hey, I'll see you next week. Phylis is not amused.

Sharon is sitting in the visitors room when the payphone rings. It's Daisy, looking for Avery. Sharon says Avery's gone for coffee. Daisy thanks Sharon for her help, she got to see her little girl today. Sharon's glad. Daisy wishes her good luck with her trial, and maybe they can be friends on the outside someday. Sharon smiles and says she'll look forward to that.

At CLs, Avery is amazed at how Nick defends her. Yes, he does, Phylis says as she walks in . He's a good friend, and he's MY friend, not yours. She says she will bring Daisy to the prison each week, but she will not pay Avery one dime. Phylis turns to leave, telling Nick to go to hell. Daniel watches all from the doorway.

The DA and Ronan come to the club and arrest Abby for the attempted murder of Tucker McCall.

Ashley arrives at the courthouse and Tucker tells her that he won. Inside, Jack and Kay are arguing. All gather around. Your dad had integrity and would have never stabbed a dear friend in the back. Ashley tells Kay she took advantage of her son while he wasn't well. Kay turns on Tucker – stop punishing me for things I haven't done. Kay is quite worked up and suddenly passes out in Neil's arms. Tucker looks concered as the ambulance is called.

NEXT: Ashley tells Abby that she wants her to put her issues with Tucker behind her... now. The doctor asks poor Murphy if he and Kay have discussed end-of-life options. Jack arrives at Kay's hospital room, where Victor asks what he is doing there.

** ok, so my closed captioned said the other police officer was Maure. But it was a different woman from yesterday (not Coco from Fame). It was very confusing.
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