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At the Jail, Deacon is led in by Ronan. Ronan knows there’s more to the murder than anyone is saying and he’s going to find out what it is.

Paul brings a box of evidence into the DA’s office. He wonders what’s up with all the evidence since Nikki confessed to Diane’s murder – it was self defence. But Deacon might have put the film together. Why would so many people lie about that night? They only lie when they have something to hide. They’ve been summoned and won’t be able to leave until Spencer gets answers.

Adam straightens up the office with a goofy grin on his face. He flashes back to the mad love he made with Sharon when an officer arrives with summons to go with him.

Sharon timidly walks into the ranch, also flashing back to her time with Adam. Enter Victor, wondering where she’s been all night. Saved by the doorbell, Sharon answers to another officer – summons for Victor Newman.

Abby’s back! She’s received at Crimson Lights on the patio by Victoria, Nikki, Ashley and Tucker. Smiles fade when all receive their summons to go to the DA. Phyllis, inside, also receives hers.

Sharon visits Nick at the tack house to report that Victor has gone to the police station – on cue, another officer with summons for Nick.

Jack is frustrated because he can’t find out who won the bid for Beauty of Nature. He goes for the paper to find out – Genevieve panics – but, look, there’s another officer at the front door.

Ronan, Paul and Walsh put their heads together – Ronan thinks Deacon is being honest. His nose didn’t grow. Deacon’s not the one planting evidence. It wasn’t Victor either. Ronan thinks they’re wasting their time with this bunch.

Paul agrees they’re wasting their time – but whoever it is, they better hope the DA doesn’t get his hands on them. Hey, Ronan, have you heard from Genevieve’s maid? No? Paul neither. Paul calls Genevieve wondering why Myrna hasn’t returned any calls… maybe because she’s been busy running errands for the wedding. Genevieve and Paul will meet Myrna at her house.

Patty’s picked up the wedding dress and “tacky” shoes. Putting on the veil, Patty hums Here Comes the Bride.

Sharon’s on the phone – she needs to see you right away. Yes she’ll be there in 15 minutes. Yelling for Summer to hurry up, she puts Faith’s scarf on her. Don’t worry – no one will ever take them apart again.

The group gathers in the DA’s office. Phyllis is not impressed that Sharon has Summer, while Nikki is confused to hear that Sharon had been at Nick’s. When he arrives, Adam welcomes Abby back, but notes that Santa did not bring her a “sparkly new personality.” Finally, Victor appears – he gets a nicer welcome from Abby than Adam did. When Walsh and Ronan arrive, Victor demands they stop harassing his family since the case is closed. But no – Walsh hasn’t decided if he’s going to press charges against Nikki. He reminds them that a woman lost her life; a boy lost his mother. That’s a tragedy. Ronan announces that since everyone in the room lied to him, destroyed evidence, or gave false alibis every one of them is guilty.

Patty pronounces herself Mrs. Jack Abbot and leans into the mirror for the official kiss when Genevieve comes in. Patty’s just making sure everything is perfect and beautiful.

At CL, Sharon updates that her marriage to Victor is about to end. She married him to protect her children. He married her to protect Nikki – but also to use her to set up Adam. After realizing what was happened, she went to Adam. Hesitating to go on with what happened next, Avery demands to know everything. What happened when you went to see Adam?

Back in the DA’s office, the usual suspects are seated as if in a classroom as Walsh and Ronan start going over the unanswered questions that are going to be dealt with. First up, the photos of Ashley – who sent them? Who stole Ashley’s phone? And kept calling Nick with a recording of him threatening Diane? Who shoved the key down Diane’s throat – AFTER she was dead? HE DID! They chime as Deacon is lead in. But his lie detector test proves that he’s not responsible for the planted evidence. It’s revealed that Diane asked Deacon to record everything that happened in the park that night. Ronan points out that they’ve only seen part of the footage – yes he knows what happened in the park that night. Bring out the popcorn – they’re all going to watch the film together.
The pillows – what do they have to do with the suspects? Well, each tells a story. Mostly repeating what we already know, it turns out the video confession was hidden in the pillow just for Abby.
Ronan explains that there is no evidence connecting Diane to the pillows. They were placed in her room after she was killed by someone who knows all of them very well.

Genevieve can’t wait to be Mrs. Jack Abbot – neither can Patty. The wedding details are handled, but Genevieve needs Myrna to talk to Paul Williams. And he’s on his way. No arguments this time, Myrna.

Sharon didn’t think Victor would be home for another day or so… so she went to see Adam. Yes, she was only going to tell him about the set up and then go, but he looked upset. She couldn’t just leave! But she didn’t get home until morning… and Victor was there waiting. She didn’t have to say anything because Victor had to go to the DA’s office. While Avery thinks she should play the lotto with her luck, Sharon thinks Victor knows where she was. Victor will tell Nick and Nick will have her custody revoked. Since Avery represents Nick, Sharon just wants her to talk to him – remind him that Faith needs her mother. I can’t lose my little girl… not again.
Ronan continue to go through the pillows and footage of each’s struggle with Diane. Even Adam’s, which Ronan notes was missing from the warehouse video. Finally, we watch Nikki’s struggle with Diane. Deacon saw it all across the park. Diane was strangling Nikki, and they were fighting over the syringe… he tried to get there in time, but Diane was already dead. He picked up a rock and hit her in the head seven or eight times. He wanted to make it seem that someone bigger and stronger than Nikki had killer her.

Paul arrives at Genevieve’s, hoping her maid can shed some light on all the weird things that have been happening. Genevieve goes upstairs to fetch the “elusive Myrna”.

Avery wants to know why Sharon keeps going back to Adam after everything he’s done to her and what it could cost her. Sharon tries to explain why it’s not crazy… most people see him as a lost cause. She just sees him as lost. She had to break the cycle of letting innocent people go to jail for life or he would go down a destructive path. If she loses her little girl because of what she did, at least she’ll be able to tell her someday that she did the right thing. Avery is surprised – even she almost believes it justifies what she did.

Continuing Deacon’s story after he dumped Diane’s body in the water, he explains he grabbed all the evidence he could find. The syringe, the phone (believing it was Nikki’s) and the security camera. He hid them in the alley behind GloWorm. But a few days later, it was gone. Who stole the stolen evidence? Nick blames Adam and Ashley says the DNA on the envelope proves it. But Adam, with an IQ higher than all of theirs combined, wouldn’t do something so stupid. Victor believes he’s just that arrogant. Like father like son, Adam retorts. He had nothing to do with the planted evidence; the rest also claim their innocence via silence. So either one of them is lying or someone else is involved. Walsh think it’s the first and asks that person to step forward. If that person does, all charges dropped. If no one does – they’re all charged with obstruction of justice and are off to jail.

Avery doesn’t know how she can help Sharon, being Nick’s attorney. But no, she doesn’t think she should lose Faith. The babysitter brings Faith to Sharon, claiming that Faith can’t be even 15 ft away. Avery notes that the feeling of love Sharon has to Faith is mutual. Yes, she’s made mistakes but so has Nick. And Sharon has never used their child as a weapon against him. Does Faith look like she needs protecting from Sharon? Okay, if Nick files for full custody, Avery will try to talk him out of it.

She’s gone! Myrna has taken some of her things! Why would she have left like that? Genevieve has no idea, but okays Paul checking out her room, even her laptop with all of the household details. Myrna, where are you?

Patty’s in some sort of shack (much like the one at the Abbots). Patty cannot let him marry her – I have to stop her. Oh Mr. Kitty, where are you when I need you?

The GC 10 are lead handcuffed into cells – women in one, men in the other. All are upset to be forced to keep their handcuffs on. On the other side of the mirror, Walsh and Ronan disagree over what, and if, they know.

The men lead in, Adam quips that they’re waiting for them to cage fight – Nick likes the idea. Victor mumbles… many ways to find the truth...

Next: Sharon to Avery: This stays between you and me, but I’m going to pay for Adam’s bail. A (closed captioning calls him Segundo) dog is barking at Patty’s hideout. Victor accuses Adam: You care about nothing and nobody. Adam: I care about your wife. Nick restrains Jack from attacking.

The Pillow List
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Abby
Greed is Good – Jack
Crazy For You – Ashley
Spoiled Rotten Dog – Tucker
Hunk of Burning Love – Nick
Zero to ***** in 5 Seconds – Phyllis
Why, Yes, I am Evil – Adam
Princess Sleeps Here – Victoria
It’s Good to be King – Victor
There’s No Place Like Home – Nikki
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