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> Tuesday, January 24, 2012
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In the guys' cell, they pace around, Victor and Adam glaring at each other. The DA and Ronan are behind the glass and they are sure someone will crack.

All the gals are still in the cell. Abby asks the two-way mirror if she looks like a violent person. Phylis says they are all there because of the pillows. Ashley feels it's time for the police to start looking somewhere else.

At the ranch, Segundo is barking at the shed. Patty is inside trying to shoe him away. "No dogs allowed!"

Sharon comes back to CL's and Avery is still there. Sharon hasn't heard from Victor since the cops took him away. Could they rearrest him, Sharon asks her.

Michael is looking for staff to help him at the police station. Billy and Genevieve both rush in and ask what's going on. Michael breaks it to her that they were all arrested for obstruction and Jack might not be released in time for the wedding.

Ronan comes into the cell and takes off their handcuffs. Are you letting us go, asks Tucker. It's late and arraignments take time, Ronan says. Jack is insulted because he is getting married the next day. Jack tells Adam to say what he knows so they can all go. Adam is flattered that they all think he is the centre of the universe. Adam reminds him that the diary page implicates him. There is someone else out there who is involved. Victor says he disgusts him and that he is scum.

The ladies get their cuffs off too, and are waiting for their arraignments. They gang up on Phylis, saying that she probably writing a story in her head as they speak. Abby starts reciting a fake story how will all these divas survive without their makeup? Vicki says all that is missing is the hair-chewing bride. Phylis laughs, she'd love to quote them but they shouldn't expect any royalty checks.

Ricky shows up at CLs where Paul is having coffee. Ricky sees on his phone that the murder suspects have all been arrested. Paul heads down there to check on Nicki. Ricky follows him.

Genevieve tells Michael the timing is bad because of the wedding. Michael questions Ronan about his agenda. Ronan again says processing them all is taking time. Avery and Sharon rush in and Michael fills them in. Avery smiles, you mean Phylis is in lock-up? And Adam? Sharon adds.

Michael is on the phone with a reporter. He has no information on the Beauty of Nature sale, and hangs up. Billy reassures Gen that Jack will make it to the church on time.

Victor calls Adam a conniving punk and says Diane is dead because of him. I'm the bad guy, Adam asks Tucker, Jack, Nick and Victor. Look around the room, he says. I'm the only one who didn't sleep with then. Nick says he used Diane because he was as obsessed with Dad the same way he is obbessed with Sharon. Behind the mirror, the DA says to send him in. Deacon walks into the cell, as Adam says he was the only one who treated Diane like a human being. Deacon thinks that's a load of crap.

In the gals cell, they talk about the film and realize they still don't know who showed it at the warehouse. Ashley lists Diane's bad traits. And now her blood is on my hands, says Nicki. Abby has a flashback of waking up on the floor after drinnking. She looks in the mirror and at her clothes. She had mud on her hands and clothes, she tells them all and she doesn't know how it got there. The park was muddy, Phylis says. They all reassure her. The truth is, we already know what matters from that night, say Nicki stoically. Abby looks worried.

Segundo is still barking and Patty is still inside, telling him to go away through the door.

Ronan tells Michael that they were all in the park and all lied to him repeatedly since. And we know how Diane died, so let's stop this farce. The DA is harassing Victor. Ronan tells him the arraignments are being done by the luck of the draw.

Paul and Ricky come in. Paul asks Ronan what's happening. Ronan knows he's there for Nicki. How did you find out about this, Ronan asks. It seems my son has a source within the department. Does he really, says Ronan.

In the gals cell, at least Abby and Vicki are out of here, says Ashley. Nicki is worried by Phylis is sure that the DA will not pressed homicide charges against her. Ashley says especially with all you've had going on. Your illness, Victor and his marriages, especially his marriage to Sharon. Victor seems to have these grand plans but he never tells anyone about them and someone always gets hurt. It's not going to happen like that this time, says Nicki.

Ricki and Avery get to talking and he offers a deal where they help each with information.

Jack asks Deacon, what did Malloy send you in here to rile us up? Deacon tells Adam, Diane told me how you want to take Victor down. He spills Adam & Diane's plan to lure Victor to the park and frame him for her death. But she backed down, knowing how much Kyle would miss Jack. Then she went to all of you asking for financial help, and you all turned her down. Jack tells Adam that Diane died because of him. Victor says to Adam, you care about nothing, and no one. I care about your wife, Adam says. Jack holds Nick back as he is ready to lunge at Adam.

Ricky comes out of the office area and tells Avery, it's all done, Phylis will be the last one to be released. No he wants something from her, she tells Ricky that they were all charges with obstruction, withholding evidence and lying to the police. But since your boss and editor are both in there, he shouldn't be too excited.

Paul and Gen catch up on her case. Paul has no answers yet. (LOL)

A security guard finds Segundo barking and opens the door of the shed to investigate. He looks around, but doesn't see anything and leaves.

Of course Jack wants Adam to him who won the bid for Beauty of Nature. Come on, tell me it's mine, says Jack. Tell us, says Victor. Sorry Jack, tomorrow the headline will read, Beauty of Nature and Jabot no go. Who got it??? They all ask. The door opens and is the one who gets to leave for his arraignment. He walks out without telling them and Jack looks like he is going to die in the jail cell.

In the police office, Paul can't find his keys. Ricky says he will help him find them. He bends down under a desk, drops them on the floor and then picks them up and says he found them. They get ready to leave, Ricky has a memory stick in his hand.

Phylis and Nicki have a nice chat. She tells Nicki that Ashley has her own past with Victor. Nicki thanks her for her discretion over the video tape. No problem, says Phylis. The guard comes to take Nicki away and Phylis says out loud that she doesn't mind being alone and last.

Jack and Gen are in the police station and he gets leave. He tells Gen he doesn;t know who got Beauty of Nature but it wasn't him. As Tucker walks by he says you really don't know who got it. Tucker shakes his head and Ashley looks ticked.

Adam comes out and asks Avery who bailed his bail. She points to Sharon who is standing in the corner. He nods at her as he walks out. Victor comes out next with Michael. We're all set, he says. What about Nicki, asks Michael. Nicki appears and Victor gives her a sweet smile, then walks over to Sharon and they leave together. Nicki leaves on her own. Phylis comes out and Avery charges over to her, asking her how it felt to be stuck in a cell for a few hours when the father was stuck there for years. Oh god, you did this, you made it so I was last. Yea like I controlled the courts now. You are so vindictive, says Phylis. Avery leaves, Nick shows up and they compare notes on the "great fun" of the jail cell. It was a complete waste of time, says Nick.

Abby is led out by a guard and Deacon is too. Deacon tells her he knows all about the dirt she is trying to hide. Abby looks super worried as he walks away.

Ronan and the DA don't know what to do, but Ronan is going to find out who's been screwing with the,

Paul and Ricky say goodbye to each other at CLs. Ricky again admires the memory stick, then leaves. Paul opens his laptop and says WHAT?

Back in the shed, Patty is playing bride, but crushes her wreath thing she is wearing on her head. No happy ending for Jack or Gen, she says.

NEXT: Jack and Gena are at the club. FMN, Jack says who the heck is that? Jill spots Jeffrey at CLs. What's next for us, Sharon asks Victor. An annulment, he says.
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post Jan 24 2012, 11:17 PM
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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