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> Thursday, January 26, 2012
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Gen and Jack are at the Abott Mansion, having Jack's famous banana pancakes and enjoying the start of their wedding day. Billy calls to check in as the Best Man. Jack says that everything is fine, but Billy should stop by on his way to the church. Gen's phone rings and it's Ethan (Cane). She doesn't need a thing, she tells him, since he is giving her away. Lily offers to help. Gen is going back to her house and Jack's sisters are coming to help her get ready.

Billy and Vicky are at home. Vicky's still recovering from her day in jail. But she is glad Billy's whole family is here for the wedding. Jill turns up and talks about her trip to Australia to see Philip. Billy asks her if she is going to the wedding. She's not, although she was invited. She thinks that Jack doesn't know what an awful women Gen is and he has no business marrying her.

Patty is sitting at CLs, talking to herself about how stupid Gen is. Tucker walks in and asks her what she is doing there.

Victor's behind his desk, barking into the phone when Adam walks in. Adam tells him it didn't take long for him to get back behind the desk. Victor tells him he has nerve, as Adam is responsible for the events that led to Diane's death. Then he pulls out a letter for Adam to sign a resignation letter.

Jill is showing a bored Billy and Vicky photos of her trip. Jill notices how distracted they are and asks what's going on. They tell her that someone showed up in GC and it has changed everything.

Tucker assumes it's Emily, not Patty and tells her he didn't contact any of the therapists she recommended. He wants to join her for coffee, but she says she's too busy.

Back at Jack's, Gen ignores her ringing phone. It can wait, she tells Jack. She was hoping it was Ronan or Paul they found Myrna. Jack figures she is long gone and that based on what they found the computer it's a good thing. Jack doesn't want her thinking about it, just like he doesn't want to think abut how he let Victor's company slip through his fingers. He says they never did talk about Emily. Gen figures she showed up to try and get him back. He reassures her that it was over a long time ago. He thought he'd never be able to trust again after Emily and Patty. He gives her a hug and she looks worried.

Adam's not going to resign and he rips up the letter. He reminds Victor that his contract states that he cannot fire him without just cause. He was voted in as CEO and Victor would have to get the board to vote him out. Victor says he anticipated this and asks Adam to follow him out of the office. He leads him to the men's washroom,. Inside there is a desk and Victor says this is your new office. Adam will be working from there from now on. Adam checks out his desk as someone comes to use the facilities. He goes out to the hall and calls someone on his cell phone - I need to see you, we need to talk.

Gen is on the phone with Davis were you able to stall Victor. No, he says of he doesn't meet the owner of FMN today, he will launch so many lawsuits against the sale that BofN will be worthless. Gen hangs up, looking dejected. She flashes back to her and Jack at the club, and Jack reading the news about FMN on his phone. She tries to get to not talk about business on the night before their wedding.
Back to the present, she says goodbye to Jack as it is the last time they will see each other until the wedding.

Cane and Lily are at CLs sharing a plate of fries. Cane hopes he doesn't trip up the aisle, but Lily thinks he'll be fine. He talks about how skeptical he was at first, but now he is happy she's getting married and putting the lies behind her.

Jill now knows about Chelsea. Oh boy, you guys have really been through it. She doesn't think having Chelsea live with them is a good idea. Billy says that Chelsea can barely look after herself. Vicki tells her they are doing it for the baby and that they want to raise the baby. But they haven't told Chelsea that yet. Jill sighs.... Chelsea barges in looking for milk and Billy introduces them. Chelsea apologizes for interrupting and goes to leave. No, says Jill, stay, I insist.

Back at CLs , Lily is looking forward to a night out. They have the babysitter booked 'til midnight and they are going to dance up at storm.

Billy suggest that now's not the time for Jill to get into it with Chelsea. Chelsea makes a speech about how she's made mistakes but being pregnant has changed everything for her.

Adam shows up at Tucker's place. He's there because they have some unfinished business.

Patty/Emily shows up at Jack's house, apologizing for blurting out her feelings at the Club. She wants to come in and talk.

Gen shows up at the ranch and Victor is surprised to see her, especially since it's her wedding day. He asks what brings her by and she says you wanted to meet the new owner of BofN and that's me. Well I'll be damned. Jack Abott's fiance is the new owner of BofN.

Jill tells Chelsea that she has a really long memory, but she is willing to give her a chance. That makes Billy and Vicki happy, they just want to focus on moving forward. Chelsea thanks her. Jill's going to do her best to keep an open mind.

Adam wants Tucker to keep his word and give Adam a job. Did Dad kick you out already? Tucker tells Adam he didn't keep up his end of the deal. Adam says that's because Tucker and Victor were too busy setting him up with the SEC. Tucker says that the job is off the table. Adam feels he should rethink it, there's a lot he contribute to Tucker/McCall.

Victor assumes Gen and Jack were working together on their bids. He asks if Jack is an official part of FMN. That's correct, she says. Then he wants to have a confidential discussion with her. He offers to go into a partnership with her. He'll protect her from a hostile takeover by keeping BofN under the Newman umbrella. You'll be a very rich woman.

Patty/Emily tells Jack she's having a hard time getting over him. Patty was involved, he says. Patty/Emily regrets that they didn't give it a second chance. Is Gen really the woman you want to spent the rest of your life with? Jack looks confused.

Cane shows Lily a map on his laptop of how to get to Lakeside Cleaners. She says she'll see him at home. After she leaves, he sees something on the web that says FMN bought BofN and that FMN stands for Forget Me Not.

Gen tells Victor that she is already a rich woman and she wants to leave things the way they are. Victor asks if it is because of Jack. That doesn't matter, she says, my answer is the same.

Jack tells Patty/Emily that he is glad she shared her feelings with him, but he doesn't feel the same way and they need to say goodbye. Patty/Emily gets up to leave and as she goes outside, she starts gasping and flashes back to seeing Jack and Gen making out on the couch, and then him proposing to Gen. Back in the present, she has a steely stare.

Chelsea gets up to leave and tells Jill it was nice to meet her. Billy tells his mom that he appreciates the way she handled it. Jill knows Chelsea's type. Don't let your guard down, she's capable of anything. Vicki says they are trying to get Chelsea to trust them so she will give them the baby.

Tuckers wants to get a few things straight. One, he doesn't owe Adam anything and Two, no one tells him what to do. He suggests that they help each other. Adam stays at Newman and spies for Tucker. Adam says he'll think about it.

Cane goes into his mom's house but no one is there. He goes to the mantle where his sister's ashes are in an urn. The plague on the urn says "Forgot Me Not."

Victor shows Gen to the door. Then he calls Michael and asks him to find out everything he can about Genevieve Atkinson.

Gen's on the phone with Jack and says she can tell something is wrong. He tells her that Emily came by and she was right, she wanted a reconciliation.

Back in her shed, Patty's freaking out. No, no, no! Jack should be spending his life with me. You will never have him Genevieve. She pulls out a gun

NEXT: Adam's in the shed with Patty. Get away from me, she says. He grabs the gun away from her. Cane tells his mom, you just wait and see what happens when Jack finds out. Get out of here, she yells. Deacon to Ronan and the DA, you make it worth my while and I'll tell you everything I know.
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