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> Friday, January 27, and it's a doozy!
post Jan 27 2012, 05:13 PM
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The first minute or so was another soap. Broadcast error.

At the ranch, Nikki asks Victor why he is so bothered by that woman (Genevieve). Because she and Jack Abbot stole Beauty of Nature from me.

Jack is at home, talking on the phone with Kyle. He thanks him for his good wishes. Billy comes in his tuxedo, asking Jack why he is not dressed. Jack's going to get dressed at the church. Billy thinks Gen is awesome, giving Jack a sports car as a gift. Jack says his bride is full of surprise and he is the luckiest man in the world.

At Lily & Cane's, Cane is ranting about the fact that his Mom is FMN – Forget Me Not. He feels that Jack is being betrayed and he's going to do something about it. Lily says that he doesn't know that for sure, but he is already out the door.

At Gen's mausoleum, Tracy and Ashley sip tea and Gen thanks them for their gifts. Gen's a bit distracted. Ashley wonders if Gen is worried about her housekeeper. Yes, Myrna is missing, she says and the police think she is somehow related to Diane's murder.

Paul and Ronan are at the station wondering how Myrna is tied to the case. The national ID check came back empty. So she must be using an alias. Ronan wonders how she is connected to Diane. Paul can think of one person who might have answers.

Patty's in her shed, talking to herself. Adam bursts in and Patty asks him what he wants. He heard that people are looking for Gen's housekeeper and he knew she'd be hiding there. Is that a gun, he asks her.

Tucker is at CLs, leaving a voice message for Ashley. He wants her to meet him at CLs. Abby and Vicki come in. Abby's looking forward to the wedding and like Gen's. She's always backed her up at work and has fabulous taste. Vicki's distracted thinking about BofN. She feels sorry for her dad.

So you think Jack and Gen worked together to get BofN, Nicki asks Victor. He stops to take a phone call and Nikki sneaks out.

Gen asks Ashley and Tracy if Jack has spoken to them about how he feels not winning BofN. Her doorbell rings and Cane is there, wanting to talk to her. Ashley and Tracy decide to head to the church

Cane is at the mantle, and let's his mom know that he knows she is FMN. Does Jack know, he asks. No, says Gen. Cane wonders what Jack is going to do when he finds out.

Jack tells Billy that it would be the perfect day if he hadn't lost BofN to a shell corporation. They both think Adam has something to do with it. And if Jack is right, Adam has a lot more than Victor to worry about.

Adam figures out that Patty wants to stop the wedding. She goes on and on about how much she hates Gen. Adam tells her that Jack doesn't love her and getting rid of Gen with not make Jack love her. She picks up something that looks like an open paint can and splashes the contents into his face. Adam crouches over..... Ah! What did you do to me? He is holding his eyes and kneels down. Patty grabs a 2 by 4, whacks him over the head and runs out.

Nikki comes over to Jack's. He is surprised and pleased to her. She wastes no time congratulating him on getting BofN. When he looks confused, she tells him he doesn't have to pretend with her. She knows that Gen bought BofN. Jack looks stunned.

Gen tells Cane that she loves Jack and this is just business. Cane says that instead of supporting Jack, she stole his dream from under him. Cane thinks Gen is the same sick twisted person she became when Samantha died. She is angry at him and says they should go to the church. Cane is not willing to help deceive Jack. She yells at him to get out. He leaves her there crying. After a bit she says that she can't do it to Jack. She runs upstairs to look for her phone and Patty sneaks in, sliding her gun over Gen's wedding dress.

Sharon's at home, just about to take Fisher for a walk when Victor knocks at the door. He has her annulment papers with him.

Jack doesn't believe Nikki and tells her that Victor is lying about Gen buying BofN just to ruin his wedding day. She gives him a peck and leaves. He flashes back to showing her the bank statement he saw from the Cayman Islands. And Gen saying that they don't know everything about each other yet and they should promise to take the surprises in stride. Back to the present, Billy asks him if everything is OK. No, says Jack.

Deacon is in handcuffs talking to Ronan and Paul. He admits there was somebody else in the park that night. If they make him a deal, he will tell them everything.

Gen has called a messenger to pick up a note and delivery it immediately. Patty is hiding in the shadows while Gen starts writing her note... Dear Jack.

At home, Lily asks Cane if he is going to tell Jack. He's not. He thought that Jack's ring on her finger would somehow transform his mom. Lily's worried this will erase the progress he's made with his mom. Cane can't promise anything.

Gen goes back upstairs and Patty sneaks out to read the note she wrote to Jack. Gen's note says she bought BofN and she's leaving town so she doesn't hurt him anymore. The doorbell rings and Gen yells that she'll be right there. She puts her engagement ring and the note in an envelope and goes to the door. She tells the messenger to go to the church and give the envelope to Jack Abbott, no one else. Crying, she heads upstairs. Patty's still in the living room, looking at the wedding dress.

Sharon tells Victor that she will read over the papers and get them back to him. Victor again warns her that she could lose Faith if she continues to associate with Adam. He wonders what she sees in him. She thanks him for his concern and he tells her he will always care about her. As he walks to the door, he turns back and asks why life is to complicated sometimes.

Jack's at the church with his family, wondering where Gen is. Abby asks Billy what is wrong with Jack. Billy says he was fine until he saw Nikki.

Patty tries to intercept the messenger, saying she is Jack Abott's personal assistant, Sorry, the messenger turns away from her.

Ashley meets Tucker at CLs. He tells her he can't make the wedding. There is a new opportunity to take down Adam. He tells her how Adam asked for a job and he asked him to stay at Newman and do some corporate spying. He texted Adam to meet him at CLs, put is worried that he hasn't heard back from him. Emily (really) comes into CLs and sees Tucker. She says she's in town for the therapists conference. He says that he knows, she told him yesterday. Emily tells him she just got into town this morning.

Sharon and Fisher walking and Fisher bolts to the shed door. They go inside and she sees Adam lying there.

Ronan gets off the phone and tells Deacon that the DA will give him immunity in exchange for what he tells them. But the other charges won't be dropped. Deacon says there was a strange woman in the park. She was happy that Diane was dead. She told Deacon not to worry, that she wouldn't say anything about what happened. Then he realized that she had followed him and taken some of the evidence he had hidden in the alley. When he questioned her, she said she was there to feed stray cats. Paul perks up at this. Deacon says all she talked about was cats. Paul looks worried.

Gen gets a text saying the package was delivered successfully to Jack Abbot. But the messenger and package are laying in the snow and Patty has his phone. She is dressed in the wedding dress and veil.

In the church, the Abbot women wonder what has Jack so upset. Billy asks Jack what is wrong and the minister is asking why the bride is so late. But the music starts, the doors open and there is the bride with a thick veil over her face. Looks like you can relax now, says Billy.

Nikki is back at the ranch, calling for Victor. She asks him if he told her about BofN just so she would go over Jack's and ruin his wedding day. Is that what you did, he asks. Nikki assumed Jack would know but he didn't. Victor is surprised.

Sharon is leaning over Adam who comes to saying he can't see. She's going to call an ambulance. What happened? He says he is scared and he can't see.

Tucker tells Emily, what do you mean, you were here yesterday. Oh no, Emily says, not Patty.

Paul shows Deacon a photo of Patty. Is that the woman you saw? Yes, says Deacon.

Gen comes downstairs with a travel bag. She looks at the empty chair and says “Where's my dress?”

At the church, Patty continues down the aisle. She faces Jack and he lifts her veil. “Emily?” he asks. “No,” she says, “It's Patty.” She pulls out her gun and shoots Jack, who falls back into Billy's arms.

NEXT: Adam's in the ambulance, telling them he can't see. Patty is holding onto Abby and pointing a gun at her, dragging her away. And don't try to follow us, she tells the other Abbots. Sharon is with Victor at the hospital. Your son needs you, she says. Won't you go talk to him?

MY THOUGHTS: Classic episode with everything that makes soaps great.
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